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Not sure if my original post made it to the page for Project Glass... Here it goes again.
Ashvin Sangoram originally shared:
I am a neonatologist.  I save babies' lives for a living.  I have even saved an adult's life in the field without immediate help.  How I wish I were able to Hangout with my trusted colleagues, wherever they happened to be, at the very moment a life depended on it. #ifihadglass    #futureofmedicine  
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Anjali is beta testing Glass - have to say, it's kinda cool. Will make sure your post gets to the right hands. 
thanks... Yeah it would be cool to have in the del room for the providers when I can't be there so I can snoop in without interfering with their process to help make it as good as if I was on site.
Life saved at Pebble Beach 16th green this year about a week and a half prior to the AT&T.  Guy in our 4-some (never met him before) collapsed in torsades and we did chest compressions till we got an AED from the EMTs and 4 shocks two epi's later he barely popped into sinus tachy for 1.5 minutes... Then back to v fib for 12 more minutes but he ended up with stents then CABG and walked out of the hospital 2 weeks later neurologically intact... Absolutely crazy.  I thought the guy was dead...
They refunded our greens fees.  Birdie on 8 over the ocean made it special up to that point.  The save on 16th made it unforgettable.
Incredible story.  Can't believe he made it completely neurologically intact after being down that long.
He wants to play golf with me again...  May have to see the stress test results prior and only 9 holes at that :-$.
Definitely need to review that stress test in detail - and the cath report!!
Thats so cool. What an awesome story & job you have. 
It's definitely a fulfilling job. Not without stress but ultimately very rewarding
Hey Ash I just read this. Thanks for being there when I needed you most. I truly owe my life to you as well as the other fantastic medical professionals that saved my life. Without you being present on our round, I'd not be here today. Fyi my Stress test came back with flying colors, taking care of myself, physically, mentally and building in more life balance, prior to Jan I was putting in way too many hours at the office.
Yours truly has played a few rounds of 18, travelled to Europe out of SFO 2x once in June for a birthday party then back in July to celebrate our 25th. Thanks for posting, after what I went through at Pebble my recovery has been a true miracle.
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