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Ashutosh bhandari

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Omaram: The Over-thinker
CH-2 As soon as he got down from the train
and out to the station, the auto driver started suggesting him cheap
hotels. 'Wait do I look that poor?'. He thought. 'Is it the worn out sandals or the fact
that I haven't taken a bath for the last 3 days' 'No. Mu...

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Omaram: The Over-thinker
Ch-1 Om woke up with a jolt. And out of habit, his hands straight up went to his pockets. "Yes, everything's safe". He checked his breathing, "Yes, I'm alive". He was 20 and it was the first time he was travelling alone. And even the thought of a 3 day trai...

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Belated Happy Birthday!!
It was for over a month that I had this vague feeling, "Am I forgetting something? I surely am". It was his anniversary, but he did not complain, selfless he was.    It was just another day when my phone stopped working and I was rummaging my cupboard for t...

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  The first
thought on seeing the book “Ramayana, The Game Of Life – Shattered Dreams” was
that this might be a differently told version of the age old epic to suit the
modern age. But what turned out to be was much more sensible. A Ramayana, told
so purely...

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Free Shopping Fiesta
known for this very bad habit of doing things at the deadline. Similar thing
happened here. Blogadda along with Quikr announced 'Free Shopping Fiesta' as a
Diwali special contest and I applied for this after almost 3 weeks. I thought
the deadline was...

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Team 'By Lines' - Chapter 13
Read Chapter XII here Chapter XIII Tara sank completely inside the bathtub and after what felt like a minute, raised her head out of the water. The cold water had miraculously revitalized her senses. She recalled the incidents that had happened. How Shekhar...

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Team 'By Lines' - Chapter 2
Read the First Chapter Here Chapter II "Come in," said Tara in her ever so welcoming voice. "Ma'am, Sir sent these philes for you. Call me ben you need else." said Ramu, the peon in her office. Tara smiled at his innocence and took the files from his hands....
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