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Ashutosh Rai
Playing with the opposite winds as usual. hahaha!
Playing with the opposite winds as usual. hahaha!

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A good share to review...
12 Simple Steps to Build Your Effective Social Media Strategy [Infographic]

#SocialMedia #GrowthHacking #SocialMediaMarketing #SMM

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Namaste Hindi webmasters,
+Abhas Tripathi and +Ashish Kalsi bring to you the first video from the #AskSearchQuality  2.0 series in Hindi. 

हिंदी वेबसाइटों के लिए एसईओ (SEO) दिशा निर्देश


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Beware of this... Make required changes, for some app experiences really get poor because of it.
An update to the mobile-friendly algorithm

Starting today, pages with an app install interstitial that hide a significant amount of content on the transition from the search result page won’t be considered mobile-friendly .

Instead of full page interstitials, we recommend that webmasters use more user-friendly formats such as app install banners. We hope that this change will make it easier for searchers to see the content of the pages they are looking for.

Happy searching!

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Wondering how to apply for internships and full-time jobs at Google? We've got you covered! #intern4google

Am dealing with an issue. Am managing a ecommerce site. I have installed latest Google analytics code in it. But am not able to see a single hit in analytics. Any suggestions will be welcome. Thanks!

Hi, this is Ashutosh here. I am having over 6 years of exposure in digital marketing domain. Currently I am working with Igniva Infotech. I consider myself good with On-page and Google Algo things... Anybody looking for solutions regarding SEO feel free to post your queries for me... Happy webmastering to all members here!

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be brave plz dont remove my comment this time around...

check their site and get their sincerity: n dont make hindus fool...
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