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Ashutosh Jain
sales , solutions and project management .
sales , solutions and project management .

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Testing share button from Jekyll Blog 

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Folks - As our community is growing large , lots of posts are getting into spam. I am unable to review each and every post for its merits. If you want to help as a moderator please drop me a note at

Also , if you think your legit post is not showing up for pending review in spam , feel free to reach out to me. I want to make sure there is no delay in getting the good content out to every one

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Quote from Art of Unix programming that seemed befitting to SAP "Every branch of engineering and design has technical cultures. In most kinds of engineering, the unwritten traditions of the field are parts of a working practitioner's education as important as (and, as experience grows, often more important than) the official handbooks and textbooks. Senior engineers develop huge bodies of implicit knowledge, which they pass to their juniors by (as Zen Buddhists put it) “a special transmission, outside the scriptures”.

Software engineering is generally an exception to this rule; technology has changed so rapidly, software environments have come and gone so quickly, that technical cultures have been weak and ephemeral. There are, however, exceptions to this exception. A very few software technologies have proved durable enough to evolve strong technical cultures, distinctive arts, and an associated design philosophy transmitted across generations of engineers"

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Setting up Alpine on Linux .. works veryn well for Slackware without installing any new packages .. Alpine is amazingly easy to work. Finding it lot more user friendly than Mutt

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If you are in (say) a college campus named called 'The-University',
and its domain is called '',
a machine on the campus network called 'mymachine' would be addressed as, ''.

If you were trying to connect to this machine from your home network,
you would address it with that full name.
The domain part would reach you to the campus network
and the hostname would let you reach the exact machine in the campus.
I am avoiding the details of IP Addressing and gateways here.

For this reason, while accessing the machine from another machine within the campus
may work with just the hostname (mymachine) without the use of the domain name.

To taken an analogy, if you are in the same city, the street name suffices.
But, to address a place in another city, you would usually add the city name after the street.

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Formatting a USB drive in Slackware
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