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Just tested office mobile for iPhone. Awesome addition to iPhone. Just one 49 MB app that lets you create word excel artifacts , open documents from one drive and save your email attachments . Clean and beautiful interface . I think Microsoft nailed it.

Still can't create power points . Hoping iPad app leverages larger size. 
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I am a long time user of gmail , docs and plus. The new company I recently joined is on Google Apps.

What are the recommended strategies for managing two accounts. Should I keep personal and work separate or are there ways to merge these accounts ? What are the benefits or pitfalls. Please share your learnings and advice. 
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+Ashutosh Jain its not really a problem as the apps account is for testing and training purposes at present.
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Ashutosh Jain

(Desktop) I Have A Question...  - 
is there a way to reconcile which all vids are auto backed up and which didn't?  
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you'll need to do a manual comparison, I don't use the Autobackup tool for the desktop, I prefer to use the Picasa desktop application. 
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Just got my first Chromecast. Quick question  - Lets say I am playing a youtube clip . How do I stop it in case I need to attend something else . I am casting from the iPhone. 
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iPad app is freezing  my iPad 2. Let me know if any specific settings. 
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Ashutosh Jain

Discussion  - 
You can activate SIRI from EarPods . Press and hold in the central depressed area between plus and minus (volume control). I typically ask SIRI to read my messages and dictate the replies while walking. 
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Why Chrome on Mac doesn't have a cast capability  ?
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+Ashutosh Jain you have to download the Chromecast extension from the Chrome web store. 
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Google plus is an amazing storage for all your iPhotos. There is an auto back tool available. Works very well for pics and vids alike. Albums map to iPhoto events. 
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Thoughts about Pro tablet ..

Wanted to jot down what are the most compelling features for me to have iPad Pro fully take on my work machine.. 

- First and most important is ability to attach multiple files to an email. I know this is a bit dated mechanism to share documents. Docs should be stored in cloud and shared from there so that there is just one copy of the document and recipients are able to edit / comment in one place. iCloud , Google Drive and office 365 address this change to some extent but the despite all the changes in technology , there are still number of use cases (and users :-) where you need to attach files.

- iOS needs a file system and file browser app.  This is currently available in individual apps such as Photos , Key Note etc which is good but not sufficient. File system should be a separate entity and should be accessible to all the apps.

- Ability to attach an email to other email. Outlook does it well . Not sure if Mail does it but many a times we need to copy a email into another email (:- unfortunate but true

- Ability to create a meeting invite from an email. Again Outlook does it well ..

I am NOT suggesting that above functions need to be  implemented  in same fashion  as on PC or Mac . People learn very fast on mobile devices :-)
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+Fernando Maldonado iOS in its current form is an amazing design. Don't really want to muddy this speedy slick and purposeful design to meet needs for few which it was never conceived for. If you end up attaching ten files to an email , it will obviously slow down the whole experience. Which in turn would mean that every one needs to buy an 8 GB ram tablet (like PCs) (-:
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Why only for new cars  ? if #Apple expands #carplay to off the shelf, there are half a around 200 Million cars as potential customers.
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