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So pumped for the future of GWT. Well, there never was a doubt.
The project I've been working a lot on the past year has finally launched. If you know the other technology I work on, you can probably guess how it's used. :)
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Wait, so I have to choose between +Brian Slesinsky 's Debugging GWT Apps and +Erik Kuefler 's Testing GWT Apps? Of course I don't want to miss +Goktug Gokdogan 's Glimpse into the Future.

Pardon my ignorance but is BOF short for Buffer Over Flow as in I'd like to be a part of the demo session but there is no way in hell I'm missing such great talks and I really hope the party is next to (or part of) the demo room?

There are a few other occasions where I am torn between sessions and so I hope we get these videos recorded and posted :)

I'm Very excited, and I am thankful for all the speakers!


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Blind taste test with:

Dogfish 120 - early 2011 (aged 2.5+ years)
Dogfish 120 - January 2013 (6 months in the bottle)
Dogfish 120 - July 2013 (Fresh to a couple of weeks)
Bell’s Hopslam - 2012
Bell’s Hopslam - 2013

Beers were taken out of the fridge 20 minutes prior to let them warm up a bit for better tasting. Hadn’t eaten recently - rinsed with water.

Used the most appropriate glasses but started to run out and had to improvise... 

We started with just 3 in the blind taste test: 120 (‘11), 120 (July ‘13 - fresh), and a hopslam.

Lee and I both correctly identified all beers, but we had a little bit of trouble between the fresh 120 and fresh hopslam. The aged 120 stood out pretty easily...

The results were pretty much as expected.

If you have a fresh 120 minute, let it age at least 6 months. If you age it over a year or so, just know you are going to get a completely different taste (and a whole lot more aroma from alcohol)

We have our notes from the test that I may be able to post later.

Needless to say, the two of us had no chance of finishing all of this and were able to pass off the extra to others.

Conclusion: Age Dogfish 120 for at least 6 months. More than 1.5 years will bring out a really thick taste - great taste but would need to share with someone. Hopslam has honey but it was surprisingly difficult to distinguish from the fresh 120. 

Also, looks like Dogfish started using a new bottle design. looks cool.
Blind Tasting
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Because it's Friday, and I know many of us rely git.

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Woohoo! I'm in!
I am proud to announce that Vaadin is hosting a full conference focused on GWT. 

This should be the largest GWT event arranged for years with two days of 20+ presentations in December. You are invited!

According to the Future of GWT Study we did last year, the community is divided between Europe and the U.S., with California and Germany as the top spots. This was a hard choice we failed to make. Instead, we decided to go crazy and to arrange the conference at both locations! Conference will kickstart in San Francisco on 12-13th Dec. Most of the speakers will fly over to Germany for the conference on 17-18th in Frankfurt am Main.


GWT is the sole focus of the conference. This gives us the possibility to deep dive into the technology, not just give a mere introduction. Fear not, there will be lots of interesting presentations also for those who are just starting with GWT. Ever wanted to hear about the internals of the compiler? Best practices for UiBinder? How to become a committer in the project? Or wanted to hear war stories from real world projects and be amazed by what can be done with this wonderful technology?

GWT is not just GWT core. It is a community. It is an ecosystem of tools and frameworks. The conference will cover anything GWT related, including frameworks like GXT, Errai and Vaadin.

But there is one more topic we wanted to include. Instead of limiting to where we are today with GWT and related frameworks, we will be peeking into the future and have presentations about the future of the web platform. There are wonderful things coming with the power of the new generation web browsers like shadow DOM, HW accelerated everything, mobile web like nothing before. By combining this with GWT, you will surely be inspired by the possibilities of what you could be creating in the future.

Call for presentations

If you are inspired by the topics and have a strong option on them, please post a proposal for presentation. We would be delighted to invite you to speak at the conference. For details and the submission form, take a look at the GWT.create website.

While you might want to present only in San Francisto or in Frankfurt, we encourage you to go crazy too and join us to both conferences. This gives you an opportunity to spend the weekend with some of the top people in the GWT community. And maybe create something new.

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HTMLPanel vs FocusPanel (addDomHandler/ClickHandler):

I know I am ignorant of some things I am just not sure how many things. Can anyone explain some background and provide some deeper insights into how things work under the hood when it comes to using different widgets?

Is there a difference in the following and why (with the goal of learning more of how things work under the hood):

someHtmlPanel.addDomHandler(new ClickHandler(), ClickEvent.getType();

someFocusPanel.addClickHandler(new ClickHandler());
/* in this case I would normall remove the user-agent "user-select" and "outline" css which may make the element stay highlighted after a touch */

Again, my goal is to learn a little bit more about the fundamentals here and get a better idea of how to focus on performance in this scenario and many of the other related scenarios.

I will admit, I find myself continually discovering new widgets (or different ways to use widgets) appropriate for different scenarios that I should have been using all along. So can anyone help with input, references, etc?

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