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Ashton Kelly
Techy nerd that's into gadgets, computers, coding, hacking, hardware, rebuilding devices, design, art, reddit, etc.
Techy nerd that's into gadgets, computers, coding, hacking, hardware, rebuilding devices, design, art, reddit, etc.

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Looking for a little help on how to contact Google or an Android department with regards to Google Play Services removing a business 3rd party application that's being installed using 'Unknown Sources'.

We have a small business that makes a locking application for our clients that install the app through our site. In the last two weeks the Google Play Services has marked the app as 'harmful' with an notification to uninstall. Must of our clients' workers, staff, ... not knowing any better are selecting to uninstall the app.

Which in turn kicks in our anti-tampering app and locks down the Android device automatically. Causing on our end, endless calls for support on how to fix the issue and upset clients.

I've tried contacting Google a few ways on this issue but seem
to have hit a road block with getting a hold of the right team. As I'd like to get the app whitelisted as it's used for business use only and using the Google Play to install currently isn't an option for our clients. Or if anything find out 'why' the app is now being marked as 'harmful' when it's been around for a few years.

If anyone has any information on who or where to go to contact the right person about this, please let me know.

Thank you

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Help stop this bill, CISPA from going any further.

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Asus Transformer Book Windows 8

This Windows 8 Transformer laptop/tablet looks amazing!

#Asus   #Transformer   #Windows8  

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Finding laptop motherboard part number

Just a quick tip for anyone that's replacing a laptop motherboard and looking for the part number.

Most manufactures hide the motherboard part number under the ram, just remove the ram sticks and you should see something like the picture below.

Where it says MB, that's short for motherboard and after that is the part number, so in this example it's K000093080.

So you don't even have to take the whole thing apart to get to the part number.

#tip   #motherboard   #part   #number   #replacemnt  

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Windows 8 Surface

Yep on day one, I'm already getting errors on my new Windows 8 Surface tablet.

Still think Microsoft should have waited a bit more before releasing it. The preview was full of bugs and already the final release also has issues.

Now if Microsoft releases the RT api calls they are holding off on, more info ->

Then maybe I could get Chrome installed on this and be ok with it. Or hope someone at XDA can hack it to install either Android or ChromeOS on it. Damn I should have bought a ChromeBook instead.

#Surface   #Tablet   #Windows8   #WindowsRT   #Bugs   #API  

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How to clear bios on Toshiba Satellite L555

If you run into a issue where you need to clear out the bios on a Satellite L555 laptop, here are the steps.

First remove the panel from the back where the ram is. Then remove the ram stick(s) out as well. After you have removed the ram, there will be a sticker with serial part numbers, remove the sticker.

In the image below, you'll see 'NSWAA' right above the last A, will be JCMOS. This is the jumper CMOS pins, the two clear copper pads there. If you use a paper clip to join the two pads together when you power on the laptop, this will reset the CMOS (aka BIOS).

After you have done this, put back the sticker, re-install the ram and put back on the cover.

This will reset the BIOS to default and also will remove the bios password if one is set.

#Toshiba   #satellite   #laptop   #Bios   #CMOS   #Reset   #tip  

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Windows 8 Tablet at $199?

So right now I'm just saying this is a rumor only because the source is a anonymous person. But if this is true, then Microsoft is going to give Apple a run for it's money.

At $199 I know I wouldn't think twice about buying one. The market could switch from Apple and Android to Microsoft and Android as the main tablets.

I know I'm looking forward to the day Apple drops down a bit, stop suing everyone and pay your workers well too!

But we'll see on Oct. 26th if this price is real or not.

#Windows8   #Surface   #Tablet   #Rumor  

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Raspberry Pi

Just got my Raspberry Pi Model B in from can't wait to play around with this little device later this week.

I'll start off by setting up a XBMC image from and see how will it works as a media center hooked up to my TV. It could replace my HTPC that I made at the end of last year using a APU from AMD.

At that cost of $35 I'll have to think about buying another one if it goes well. Also just a thought, but I think we'll see a price drop in Arduino boards, so keep a eye out for that.

#raspberrypi   #arduino   #XBMC   #Raspbmc   #Linux   #Development  

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Nexus 7 Drop Test

Another drop test of the Nexus 7.

#Nexus7   #DropTest  

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Nexus 7 Battery

The Nexus 7 battery life is amazing! After having the device for a week and using it for reading comics, emails, news articles, Reddit, playing games, videos, trying tons of new apps and using the Jelly Bean's amazing Google Now feature.

I can say without a doubt the battery life on the Nexus 7 is impressive! The pictures below are of the battery after two days, most of the use in the last two days are stand by. With the activity being background apps syncing using the battery, even tho I've played a few stages of Cut the Rope and Foozle.

Out of all the tablets I've used/own (10 used at work for testing app development and 6 other tablets I own, including the iPad2) the Nexus 7 is by far the best tablet for cost, specs and battery hands down. Google and ASUS have made a tablet that will make Amazon and Barnes & Noble have to up their game if they want consumers to buy their tablet over the Nexus 7.

The other huge bonus with the Nexus 7, is Google lets anyone unlock the bootloader, making rooting the device extremely easy to do. Something I would like to see every Android device have as a standard option in the future.

The only thing that could make the Nexus 7 tablet even better would be a plus model, with included features like micro SD slot, rear camera for taking pictures/videos and data option for 3G/4G. Which I think we'll see in the second generation of the Nexus 7 at maybe the next Google I/O. I would pay another $150 for those features as it would make this already amazing tablet out of this world!

As a side note, Apple (which I am not a big fan of) is going to have to look at getting into this 7 inch tablet market at the same or close price. Because I think we'll see a lot of consumers looking at the 7 inch tablet as the prefect portable tablet device.

#Nexus7   #Battery   #Google   #ASUS   #Tablet   #Android  
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