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Groundbreaking #physics: Using the LIGO observatory, a team led by MIT and Caltech scientists has made the first direct detection of gravitational waves, proving correct Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity. Full story:

Image: LIGO/R. Hurt

#gravitationalwaves #LIGO #Einstein #relativity #MIT

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Machine learning has had a huge impact on computer science, making it possible explore new frontiers of research and to develop amazingly useful products that millions of people use every day. Our machine learning system, TensorFlow, is used for everything from speech recognition in the Google app, to Smart Reply in Inbox, to search in Google Photos. 

And now you can use it too.

Today, we’re proud to announce the open source release of TensorFlow - our second-generation machine learning system that is a general, flexible, portable, easy-to-use, and completely open source software library for numerical computation using data flow graphs. Head over to the Google Research blog to learn more.

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My evolution using Android..
Get Android... 
Learn to root..
Learn to flash ROM..
become flashaholic flashing multiple ROMs per day crack flashing.
Never having the same ROM/setup for two days in a row
Want more power....
Flash a custom kernel.....
Too much battery being used
Now horsepower  is not so important.. Need more battery life...
Need to squeeze more battery life out of device
Tired of custom kernel stability(even when not OC/UC UV)
Stock kernel... custom ROM, rooted..
Tired of all the bugs and little nuisances in custom ROMS..
Stock rom, stock kernel... still rooted of course
Root?  I don't need root anymore..
Completely bone stock
The end...

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Makes me miss it so much!

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Today, some time back, One small step for man... 
"One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind..." #TodayinHistory

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It's incredible how millisecond feedback loops can be critical to the survival of an aircraft...
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