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It's incredible how millisecond feedback loops can be critical to the survival of an aircraft...
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Net neutrality... What will be the real effect of Have to wait to see.. 
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Love this, though not everyone is going to get it :)

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Never realised it was just 55 years ago... Wow..
Just 55 years ago Ruby Bridges, six years after (!) Brown vs. BOE, became the first black girl to attend a white elementary school in the deep south - escorted by US Federal Marshals. 

There was a massive crowd of white people throwing things and shouting "two, four, six, eight, we don't want to integrate!" 

Not weird white people. Not outliers of society. Normal every day white people. Expressing their superiority over N** and N**.  That is the scary part. How normal people thought all this was ok and even their right.

People pulled their kids out of school that day (500 kids!). All teachers refused to teach while a black child was enrolled. Barbara Henry was the only person who agreed to teach Ruby. And for over a year taught Ruby alone.

Ruby was a brave girl. Her mom deserves an astonishing amount of credit for deciding to send Ruby to the school and sticking with it even has her entire family suffered. Big props to all of them, AND the white people who continued to send their kids to the school, who helped the Bridges family.

There is almost no one who would read Ruby's story today and not think it was all so despicable and racist and many other things. There is almost no one who is not filled with outrage at what people believed then and how terribly they acted.

And yet, today so many continue to discriminate. A majority in many states and countries!

Take gay rights. The passion you see expressed in this three min short movie against Ruby,, is the same you see so often in protests against gay rights. Or we are against other religious. Or reproductive choices. Or so many other things.

Why don't we see that 50 years from now (or 5 years from now) people watching our religious/sex/origin/skin color/gender protestations will think of us as being just as awful, bigoted, and despicable as those people who protested against Ruby?

I am deeply proud of the progress our country has made. I hope that we will see our bigotry not in a rear-view mirror but right when we express it, right when we trample on the rights of another human. It is harder to see it in the moment. But I pray that we do.


PS: Please watch, and show your kids, this brief three min clip: And here's a short Wikipedia page on Ruby, absolutely worth a read:
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Quite an awesome speech! Well balanced and wonderful thoughts!
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அனைவரும் கேட்க வேண்டிய அருமையான பேச்சு. பெண்களை புரிந்து கொள்ள நாம் இன்னும் வெகுதூரம் செல்ல வேண்டி இருக்கிறது. "எல்லா மதங்களும் பெண்களுக்கு...
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Had a wonderful time with +Raspberry Pi! Played quite a bit, quiet easy and quite extensible!

Thanks +Sateesh K S for giving me the opportunity to play with it!
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I had a lot of fun too. I agree it is a beautiful little piece
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Statutory warning : Stay away from people who claim some imaginary being [can also be read as God, or any thing that fits the spec], is more important to them than they themselves and the people they care about. For, it is easy for someone speaking in the name of the imaginary being to make the person hurt himself/herself or anyone.

PS: Poor imaginary being doesn't even get a platform to justify himself/herself/itself 😈 
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Finally! Google decided its time to revamp its Google Contacts!
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Nice addition to YouTube!
+YouTube launching YouTube for Kids on Monday

If you're a parent with small children, I think you agree with me and say finally in unison. A child friendly YouTube is something that we've needed for for quite some time. Kids today are more often than not consuming content on YouTube versus using traditional television and for some even Netflix or Hulu comes in second and third to YouTube. While all of the details aren't clear at this time, I'm excited for parental controls and safe and child friendly content as my children continue to become YouTube addicts for their media consumption.

Google wants to do their part to make sure kids have a good stream of entertainment without the bad bits. USA Today reports that the company will be looking to launch a kids' version of the YouTube app on February 23rd.
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The world can not sustain life for ever. There is no God going to come and save us. If human race has to sustain, we have to look after ourselves.

Yes, there are risks, we might find a more advanced civilization that would come and conquer us, but its a risk we have to face. Humans have faced this forever. We started looking at world as our own neighbourhood, then we invented more advanced travelling machines, then we got to know about continents, and then globalization came into being. Every time, we had to face a lot of challenges, slavery, misunderstanding, yet, we have come out as winners.

Its high time we forget the petty issues, this inch of land belongs to me, it belong to you, blah blah, it 'belongs' to no-one, a simple meteor strike can wipe the entire humanity out in no time.

The interplay between economics, fundamental science, human thinking is fascinating. I wish/hope there is a way to incentivise humans to think of the future that is billions of years away, and stop thinking of the span of a single person's lifetime. I think it might be one of the reasons, our ancestors, brought in the concept of soul, as an indestructible one and that lives on and on, so that we stop searching for for happiness and satisfaction in the lifetime, and work towards a life that is billions of years long (yugams -

Screw you religion, lets live for the greater good of humanity. I still have a feeling that religion was never part of Indian culture, and is never is, and should never be. Wishing for a time when humans put all their collective energies to advance our understanding of the universe and whats beyond it. Lets keep the unknowns as unknowns (, its okay to theorize, but its not okay to say an unknown as known without evidence, and applying psychological pressure and societal pressure to force a thoughtful mind into the world of imaginative knowns without any proof.

Great laws are out there, which have been theorized, and are yet to be proved, and are looking for people to help prove/disprove, enhance/deconstruct, and we are spending our time trying to convert people from one belief system to another trying to incentivize them through psychological and economical means. We fail to understand that these numbers mean nothing, millions of square kilometers and the count of billions of people mean nothing, if the day comes, and earth is not a suitable planet to survive, none of these counts is going to help.

We all are still observing time as a linear concept like the individual observer from his plane own plane of reference. Its high time we teach spacetime and not space and time!

There was a time when seafaring was dangerous. Space is the next big frontier, time to make the next big leap!

PS: I know that all above is incoherent bits of blabbering, just frustration coming out. For those who took time to read it, thanks  and would appreciate the thoughts, if any!
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An wonderful place for education..
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Awesome food... The first veg food that I really liked in my 5 years at Bangalore.. Cursing myself for not finding this place before. Would have been better had the place been more spacious... Authentic Tamil food!
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