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The Indian Government’s aggressive policies and ambitious capacity addition targets have helped it jump to the best rank in market attractiveness in the renewable energy sector in at least about two years. The latest edition (PDF) of Ernst & Young…
The Indian Government's aggressive policies and ambitious capacity addition targets have helped it jump to the best rank in market attractiveness in the renewable energy sector in at least about two years. The latest edition (PDF) of Ernst & Young Renewable Energy Market Attractiveness Index focuses on India as the government has not only substantially increased the
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Ignoramuses galore (read the comments). These are the people to be trialled for 'crimes against humanity' a few decades from now.
In The Wall Street Journal, Richard S. Lindzen writes that members of Congress send inquisitorial letters to universities, energy companies, even think tanks.
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More #MaterialDesign. Yay.

Note: This new interface will not be available for Google Apps users, nor inside the Gmail interface until later.
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Free stuff. Happy Birthday, +Google Play!
Update: As some of you have pointed out in the comments, it looks like Google has a lot more than a few apps up its sleeve for Google Play's birthday. As of this writing, there are 33 items on sale ranging from books and movies to music and apps. You can check out the full list of sales on Google Play now. Original story: The Google Play Store is nearing its 3rd birthday, and that...
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At least one thing you didn't know is virtually guaranteed.

(I may have shared this earlier..) (You should read the comments at the bottom as well)
We only use 10% of our brain. We evolved from chimps. Dairy foods increase mucous. Pfffff! These and 45 other myths & misconceptions debunked. Solidly.
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Aren't blasphemy laws against quran?

I won't be visiting muslim countries, for fear of my life and wellbeing.
Imagine what they would do to any of us !
The arrest of an Indian national in Jeddah, for allegedly posting a blasphemous image of the Kaaba on his Facebook page, has seen experts warn that such content violates the country’s cyber laws and c
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As scary as being arrested is, it is the future judgement that is way more worrying about KSA. You never know when they feel like whipping or straight up beheading you.

Btw, which recent events were you talking about, specifically?
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More truth direct from the G+ team about recent changes in the product organisation than any tech "journalist" was able to feast on. Follow the link in the OP for reading the actual thread.

Via +Syam Kumar R​​​

In your face all so-called tech journos, click-bait desperate tearers-apart and gravediggers.

Woe those who believe everything they read from techhunch - style rubbishy publications.


#Googleplus    Thanks +Yonatan Zunger .
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Bloody autocorrect...
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More free storage for your music. Up from 20,000 songs to 50,000 songs.

(last week's news)
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Warning: Discomforting gooey stuff.
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Enjoyable fishing spot!
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Mouth-watering gourmet genuine South Indian food on the cheap! I'm biased, but it's still true.
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Under-cooked chappathi and flavourless chicken roast... Not enough portions for the Rs. 120 we're paying for the chicken either.
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