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Just seen The Great Gatsby. Excellent film! I want to read the book now.

Started messing about with the CryEngine. You can do some pretty cool stuff with it, but where is the programming?

My goodness, sky broadband sucks. Can't wait for our 70mb connection next year!

#GameOfThrones I don't even

The Amazing Spiderman is directed by Marc Webb. I loled.

I love it when an exam question says "describe X" but the answers say "describe X & Y for full marks".

This recipe was being a bit stingy when it said "serves 4". Maybe I shouldn't have made triple the quantity...

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Bit of fun for a friday afternoon.
Sign in to here and it will tell you the categories that google thinks you are interested in.

Embarrassingly it thinks I’m interested in Celebrities and Entertainment News.
Also I know finnish!

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The Dark Knight Rises soundtrack has finally risen and is out now for you to experience! Grab your copy on iTunes and tell me what you think!

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G+ is getting events but the best bit is that you can finally upload photos of the event a collaborative event album. Something that I don't think Facebook executes well!
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