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“+1” this post if you saw my NEW Op ads that launched today!
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Ki Ki
i like,,
u look way different in that..
Cool Ashley I have loved u ever scince sweet life of zack and Cody as Maddi then I went to the high school musical concert in like 2008 then bought you album then got obsessed with high school musical and have loved shad pay then bought your next album and loved sharp age fab adventure keep on rockin and make another cd!!!!!!

-Ben ur bigger fan
wow :) Cool place...nice ass of you
Sorry biggest fan

hey ashley u r looking so so pretty, young nd i luv ur hair XD
woooooooow what a sexy yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Plz plz plz give me Heart,,,,,, you r sooooo cute..... I Love u,, and only my dear,,,,,,,, wher r u,,,,, I want to kiiiisssss yuo very Hooooot,,,,,.....I want play with uuuuuuu........Plz reply me........
You are sooooooo hot i remember you on suite life : )
Smile make Youre so beautiful,hehee,so nice and sweety:))))
profil resmi yap bence çok sexi bir fotograf
Oooh lala!!!
Justo estoy por entrar a bañarme y veo a estos bombones... ... ...
Ashley hiç cevap vermiyosun ama olmaz böyle seni sevenler var
urr couple of things i'm not sure how to and why
you are very very beautiful girls
I love you
love those outfits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i luv your girls bathing suits sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!
very pretty and cute, i love you girls, the best!!!
summer?? i love it!! ashley you are too sexyy
I think your a pretty great actress! I like your stlyes, they make you look extra special!!!! You rock dude!!
OMG! is that u and sarah hylander? I LUV U GUYS!!! Ash, u r amazing. huge fan.
So sexy pic and two men behind u are also saying this to u .i think so.
Love the swimsuits! Really cute !!!!!!!!!!!! :D
absolutely amazing!!!..... :)
I didn't see it but I'll keep an eye out for it
no i wish but i probably will buy somrthin of Op 2 support!!!
You look VERY pretty Ashley :) Seriously guys? Stop calling them sexy, show some respect
eres hermosa sigue cuidandote,disfruta la vida sanamente.
frieds fredy- facebook-jesuscardona
OMG..........she is very sexy
I love Ashley... She's just so adorable.....
you look very nice I really like you swim suit
So stunningly beautiful. Wow.
very nice, how much for sexy time and mouth party? Lol.
Thets go doughnuts and hot dogs

U are d most bueatiful creature i have ever seen,u are super ashley
launched lingery dresed maybe next time :)
fear your god criated you sister and you will die one .pelease fear god
fear your god criated you sister and you will die one day .pelease fear god
Dude y post crazy things like tht on some1 else's profile?? I think it's pretty cool Ashley cuz we hav the same name...I've been a fan of u 4 a while. That was nice of u 2 be on tht house makeover thing cuz it meant alot 2 them tht u helped rebuild their house:)
I just asking but when r u going to start some shows or movies I think ur face of fame is faded.
But both of u r cute
Ashley You look very pretty
Your So Good I like although I have never had a chance to talk
Luv the bathing suits
ha ha ha togatue makkuaro muaseng makanja''''
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh faaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkk both ov u are sex bomb hahahha lolz but im serious i want to see u both in dubai
Ashleyyy I kno theseee ppl r ignorant...

Ashiey eres como una palomita blanca caida del cielommm
Does anyone see it this is not the real Alsayley its a Worker for her to answer fan mail you noobs You really think asaley would Answer You LOOL
i know but you dont have to be mean Joaquim
Sexinessisn't only in ur thighs but its in your eyes.
Smoking hot keep it up 
looking so beautiful.pretty,good .stylish and so inocent princess
hey! Plz watch my post! n giv a comment! She is my friend! :-)
n by d way, u r looking soooo,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,cute!
Ashley Tisdale and Sarah Hyland on the same ad, wearing bikinis - now that's heaven!
ashley nice superb ph0to, i realy l0ve you:heart
How do u put the photo as your gmail
you are so nice and your pictures is verey beautiful.i like it
ur smile is too sweet :)
Tôi ở Việt Nam
i love your profile picture and that photo on the top is cool i'm sidney and i'm post to be asleep but i can't because i want to stay on google + its really fun i did'nt know how fun it can be be, friends?
a whos that bikini girl shes beautiful n hot
r u a girl or a boy ilyas sultan
ashley you are sooo gorgeous look at the post i put on the one where you asked if we pulled a prank
both r too very beautiful and very lovely
hi it is me can you put up a photh or you and what you sar outsind carly
nice and so hot.........................
I wonder if Ashley likes pie I LOVE PIE ADD ME IF YOU LIKE PIE!!!!
WoooooooooW u look s like an angel................ Respect
mero lado pasne tisako puti ma..!
««««««««superb looking sooo sooo ssoooo beautiful»»»»»»»»»»»
oh wao ..... u r looking soooooooooo nice and gorjious ashley
you are all fite and you are so nice.looking so beautiful and verey sexy. i like you. 
I like the photos,id like to interest in the show someday,i think you girls are very sexy.
looks like a great day to be outside
i need your friend
can u afford it
nice pic.. whr is it this place.?????
0ooooo its a vry nice pic.....!!!!!
ooo look at the cute guy behind u
soooooooo............ woooooowwww
like a angel has just dropped from sky and landed on a beach
I love the beach 
You have a dog bichon maltes....¿¿
beuh, seksi pisan euy... ga malu ape ye? ya, gpp dah... asal enak diliat... :-p
cool but not cooler than you lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Who's the girl next to Ashley? Is that Allison Hannigan??
No Afence But u need to make more music so peeps know u better! I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You at sooooooo pretty Ashley I am like your biggest fan!!!!!!!
How cum she looks so pretty in every pic??
i wanted to ask you if you are a natural blond because i see you with brown hair sometimes then blond hair the other (WHATS GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!!) lol :)
ya and she so pretty and 500!!!! LOL :)
mawi te
oh you look pretty i love it
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