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What's everyone most looking forward to this summer?
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Hanging out with the guy i like!! And getting some money in my pocket
To see the clothes of last summer fashion
Well, swimming and my show choir and so that'll be fun and I go to Florida some years so I am hoping!!!
no school :) and lacrosee<3
Hanging out at the pool with my friend
Catching up on sleep, reading, swimming, and chilling with friends and family
Swimming, hanging out with friends, and no homework :)
nothing ill be bored but nxt i go to pa and then the year oafter that to france!
Going to Florida.
Playing Soccer,Gettin My Tan On And Lastly Hangin Out With Friends😃
I'm lookin forward to go to AYF camp, and goin to my grandmas house, and goin to play with my new baby cousin and other parts of the family! OOOOOOO and let's not forget SLEEPING IN!!!!
I'm going to Disney Land
CAMP!!!!!, Birthday's!!!!, AND TONS OF WATER EVERYWHERE!!!! AND of course ICE-CREAM!!!!!!, and NEVER forget....MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm gonna continue to work at Pathmark.
On my bday going to camp fir school and might go to south America :)
oh ya totally check out guys and get a nice tan
Definitely not the hot weather, that's for sure! JK I am just looking forward to a long break from school and a season of relaxation! B-)
Some bright, happy sunshine n days out wiv my man Andrew n our beautiful baby Liam, who's now 9days old :-D n doing well! X 
to sleep all day andd party all night . <3
I want to have fun and relax!!!!! No school!!!!! AND NO BULLIES!!!!!

i am going to visit my relatives i hope to have lots of fun
going to summer camp with my friends. and no school. just my friends.
Getting ready to play base ball
same ugh i hate my profile picture sister picked it out idk what
going too the beach and getting a tan :))
Bad thing is, I am year round 
I'm looking forward to being able to relax, hanging with my friends, and going to the beach! I can't wait till we go to Florida!! :D
Ryan C
Nothing but fun

Can't wait for exams to end! Gym, Guitar, friends... Wow can't wait for it. Just typing this makes me excited :D
go to the beach wearing a bikini. it great
Playing in the pool with 80 some kids
new movies, hangout at the beach with friends, and going clubing, :)
and you ashley what do have plan for the summer?
Hoping for a Disney Cruise this summer!
Goin to the beach and getting rid of this cool weather and enjoy the summer
Lucy L
J 'ai pas le choix de regarder un autre sport car mon club d'hockey, le canadien de Montréal n'ont pas fait les séries éliminatoires !!
Bina Y.
going to INDIA :D wbu ashley?
Bina Y.
fuh real vanessa xD
marching band i love marching band
I get to go to a One Direction concert. Hell yea. BE JEALOUS, BITCHES. 
me too i am seeing one direction in concert hahaha
im going to los angeles with my family and a bunch of friends :)
I know what I'doing this summer hang out with my friends and boyfriend and my other crush. Xoxo Myleah :)
going to a camp and hanging out with my little sister that is 2 yay
swimming, hanging out with friends, going to a wedding, visiting my friend from another state and visiting my cousins from another state
being lazy and going to texas in june to see my fam's
sports like AAU basketball and softball!!!! And going 2 Disney world again!!!
Go to middle school and no school plus going to see my family. 😏
work enough pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
Spending time w my girlfriend and w my cuzins going to the movies and doing all kinds of sh*t
Tim Lee
Diving in the ocean. Then you won't find me,hah.
Renewing my vows in Hawaii with my wonderful husband!!! Can't wait I'm getting married again and I still get nervous just thinking about it :)
being home and spending time with my family
i am going to London, Paris, Rome,Italiy(i think), ect cool right
My birthday and reconnecting with my cousins. Can't wait!
just chillin! maybe a vacation??
To be completely honest, I'm just looking forward to summer period haha.
I'm waiting to tan and hang with friends all the time can't wait XD

What I'm looking forward to this summer is hanging out with my family & friends, do some traveling, relaxing on my deck, going to some festivals, exercising outside on nice days & enjoy some outdoor scenery. That's what Summer is like in my hometown of Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada!
sleeping in til noon
And skimming at the beach! Getting a tan!
Are you really Ashley Tisdale?
It's winter in AUSTRALIA 😞😞
Getting shots from your belly button.
go to the beach, and hangout with my friends !!
No rhino or other endangered species poached !
hving SRA program,coming 2 LA~oh yeah!
My last free summer before college :D
What about you miss Ashley? about you..??
Someone to make me breakfast whilst I'm in bed

I think most of them would go wit d long tour holidays ........
Im looking forward to seeing some of my family from the eastcoast, they might just stay here in Cali with me &')
coooooooooooooooooolllllllllll frens.
to help the people how are needy
To have a job so that I'll be more financially stable in college. 
Lets go take some pictures in the Sun of Lake Chelan!
Vee Oh
Goin to have sleepover
pool!!! ya that's the highlight of my summer vaca. haha
going to the beach w/ my family, bonding
Ooohh.. I'm looking forward to the weather.. I don't like the cold weather so much..
Going to visit family that is out of state and going to the beach
im lookin forward to Mission Trip!!! (going to Betsylane Kentucky) XD
i'm looking forward to my bday july 12th
I'm loooking forward to two months of a country boy, a truckk, and a riverr,♥
hanging out with friends, no school, and fun times! :)
....its a good time to hit the beaches in the morning since its hot & play badminton/lawn tennis or just jog around in the evening due to the cool breeze
Hanging out wit friends and going swimin 8-|
nothing much just to stay coollllllllllll
i looking forward to wild waves!
Getting to sit at home and draw a bunch of things
GO to partty owl summer time Ok and gO to the bich
hanging with my awesome boyfriend, playing softball, and partying it up!(:
im excited to go to vermont and las vegas to visit family
hangin out with my frds。miss them soooooo much。i hope that i could have some free time 2 do wut i really wanna do。
Writing some music with some friends.
More work? lol I'm so excited.
not much............................... LOL
Hopefully a new summer love girl ah ha ha ha ha!!!!
im looking forward to swimming the most
im looking forward to DISNEY WORLD!!!! LOL!
Well Im Looking Forward to going out of town this summer so cant wait going to washington dc
Getting these jeans and big tops off roll on summer. xXx
#summer cmp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
going 2 an exclusive acting camp... that is my favorite thing to do!!
Water fights and hangin' with my BFFL and my lil' sis!
Hangin with people and doing a lot of stuff this summer! Beach Trips here I come!
swimming and jet skiing, going to Hershey Park
Going to do a lot of practice on a movie and my singing competion
I am going to Iowa to visit my Grandmother, aunts, uncles, cousins and baby cousins:)
going to dominican republic and see my grandmother there
Eva B
No school!!! 
ME ME ME!! Haha and I'm just dedicating it to dance...nothing new haha
I am a dancer to I am on pointe and a pretty big dancer!!! Wish lived closer!!!! 
being with my gf the whole time! haha
Swimming! The beach! Friends! More and more and more!
bigger shows and bigger air spin and much more fans
getting away from middle school finally!!!
Hanging out with friends and family and vac... If u know what i mean...
Kate Y
no homework
hanging out with friends, no homework, no school getting a job and intimidating my brother.
me relaxing with my bf
being free of school and chilling at the pool! :)
hahah i love how tat rhymed....
totally going to the best beach EVER!
Oh ya and showing my sheep!!!!
vacation ndd relaxing with family and getting to go see my nephew ndd my sissy's stomach grow i want her to have a girl but it doesnt matter that much nyways what are you looking forward to?
vacaction, no school, and wait for it FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm Exided for the last day of school
im lookingt 4ward 2 hanging wit my bf ad bffs and the mall!!
Swimming,not waking up early,eating all day long,watching tv, and having fun in Florida when i go there
disney, working in boston, dance recital, more vacations & demi lovato concert. <3
No school, swimming.... i could go on forever
Probally Camp Crystal and Playing my french horn! And watching ashley tisdale movies!
what r u looking forward to do this summer ashley
i get 2 go 2 england ireland scotland and wales im looking forward to that
Bikinis bikinis BIKINIS =) sun on my skin and sand inbetween my toes <3 heaven
cool pic +Jasmine Hamilton. are u watching the new season
Horseback riding w/ my horses ginger and summer in Montana! So excited!
Jamaica, LA, Greece; you know what that means, CRUISE!!!
da pool and tannning in the sun-ohh yea
The only thing I'm doing this summer is working. Ugh.
IM going to hang out with my bros!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am going to Bulgaria (if you dont know where that is write back)
Going to Mars.... Just kidding!
in summer n july 21 its my birthday and no school next year going to my country yay
no school {><}
                 ~      swimming sleeping late
Nothing really special, with the exception of FUN!
Dont be afriade to be yourself
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