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How many times have you guys seen +Titanic - The Movie #Titanic3D
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Big giant 0 nothing never none zero :|
i looooove titanic! i have seen it like sooo many times but i wish i could see it in 3d!
I have seen it just not in the movie theater or in 3D :(
Twice. Never in 3D. I heard the boat still sinks. Oops. Should I have put SPOILER ALERT? ;)
Two Times I love you Ashley Im 11 yrs old
I have seen it 501 times.. Ashley do you think that's crazy???
Um about 20 times at the least
Not the 3D one but the normal one about 20time
I have seen it 501 times... Do you think that's crazy Ashley?????? a normal person does
I've never seen it but I have to do a huge project on it... any ideas?
None. Just thinking about the titanic gives me the creeps.
do your project about the point of view of the captain that was driving the ship. Does that help???
titanic the movie = watched only the 1st 20~30 min & got out because it was not comedy or has no action scenes, titanic 3d or battleship il go for battleship
Every Christmas season, they play it on TV. It's innevitable
please follow mehh and add me in your circle Ashley ! (; i love you and your songs ~~ !! no homo ! (:
trying to get my boyfriend to go with me but i have the casett
NEVER!!!! But I want to so so so so baddly!!!!
Alot, even though the movie is older than me!!!!!!!It's one of my favorite movies!!!!! (: 
have not seen 3D Version yet maybe today seeing how it is raining
Came home from the movies 30 minutes before :) was sooooo good and sad :O
i do but every time i see it it usally makes me cry cuz it isn't fair that so many people had to die . 
Niya L.
I didnt bcuz itz like 3 hrs long
ive seen that movie at least 100 times
never!! i wanna see it soooo bad!
I'll see it soon for first time
nice go on youtube am on youtube really funny ok tell everyone ok
How many celebritys have u seen
I wanna say 10-15 times...I love that movie! (Btw that's not in theaters!0
Leo T
not enough!
i have the old video version with two videos... its kinda messed up now so its no good :'(
i wonder if the crew will detect the iceberg this time, since it's the 3D version..
twice, didn't really want to either but when i did fell in love with kate winslet and nearly cried lol!!!! soooooooo pleased none of my mates are on here yet lol!!!!!!
8 times ... when i whatch it it boareds me now xD
Once. Well kinda half of once. I feel asleep. Bored. I already knew how it was gonna end.
i only saw half of it...
2! luved it! except 4 when they are on the old couple are on the bed, like waiiting to die~!
0... The original Is allways the best because it was the One that you will allways remember
5 times....still not tired of watching it...=D
i have the movie and iv seen parts with my dad
0 times but i REALLY want to see it
like 30! i love tat movie!!! <3
sum where between 50-100 times
Well, I've never seen the Titanic, but...I get the gist. Guy falls in love with girl. Girl falls in love with guy. Someone dies. The end. 
10 times... not in 3D, but fav movie ever!!
no but i wish! no time cuz i was watching the hunger games....great movie btw... but not my style
speaking of movies you were a great actress in picture this
Zero times. Aliens in the Attic, Once. Hellcats, every night a new one was on and even the Saturday reruns and other reruns. I miss that show, it was funny and cool. Plus the music was outstanding.
ashley i like your style
Hi, Ashley! I haven't seen it in 3D at the theater but my sisters each have the original motion picture that was released on video cassette. First part on tape 1 & second part on tape 2, I think that's how it went, I'm not sure, but I think you know what I'm talking about, I think. I haven't seen it in quite a long time. The last time I watched it was in senior year in high school. Might watch it again someday when I have free time on my hands. Speaking of movies, you were great in the movie "Picture This!" My Mom & I were watching it on TV tonight. IMO, the movie was EXCELLENT! I laughed at the funny parts. Even my mother was laughing at the funny parts, too. I almost started to cry for joy & smiled when I watch the end of the movie. It was nice watching great movies with you in it, especially watching them every so often with my mother. Good times, good times.
I've seen it countless times, and [spoiler alert] the ship sinks every damn time.
more than 3 times.. it's a great movie..

Overall rating
How many times you watched the Samson??!!
not a single time, the music is too horrible
have u seen it ashley ??????? xxx
Do you speak English really, or another language?
(Amaya Clark)
im gonna see it, not in 3d.
Twice and I sobbed like 7 times throughout the movie 
i heard it wasnt a movie made for 3D
Not yet but I want to see it:)
i've seen maybe once or twice....i cant believe their making it in 3d...i bet no one is going to see it just cuz its in 3D... :/
I've seen it about 5 times, I love the part when the boat sinks.... but its really sad!
I've seen twice, first time with my mum and next time with Justin. I can't believe they making in 3D!
OH, p.s to selena gomez your song love song that one IT STINKS!!! I don't mean insult you but i like the rest of your songs! I love justin bieber he's so cute and he never gets mad at his fans!
yesterday was the 1st time... so sad, cried my eyes out :( x
I don't like that movie veeery much cuz kinda makes me boredddd butttt I wanna see it on 3D :D wooooo hooooo #Titanic3D
I love the Titanic! i am so looking forward to going to see it today in 3D!
m hadi
titanic = the best of romantic film.. really love it. :)
I saw titanic 3D yesterday and I cried more than I ever have I have watched titanic probably around 20 times 
It makes me sad but I keep watching it! :)
Arguably too many.. and I cry every single time. And I still love it! :D
Ella C
i havent seen it even though i really want to
None, but I've seen like partially
almost gookle plex times! but i would loooovvvveeeee to see it in 3d
that's the new one right i got to go and see that
I hope I get to see Titanic 3D a hot date would be nice ah ha ha ah ha girl!!!!
A loot of times! I love this movie <3 Everytime I cry :)
hi,ashley..your my fav celebrity :) I watched movie "Sharpay's fabulous adventure"'s amazing..i want to meet you one day...can you come to Croatia pleeeeeeeeeease???
My sister saw with ur friends and I wanted 2 go but she wouldn't let me I was soo post off at her +April Lynch 
sooo many! i cry everytime! ;)
i havent seen it yet but i hear its really good
i love titanic!! i cry every time i see it!!
at least once but its been a while
once and never wanted to see it much of a weewha for me
I've seen it in 4D and its amazingggg ! 
i think it should be in 4-d until then, i hanging low
I have seen it many times but didn't understand much because I am from Spain but it was very sad a end, I cry so much, it is a great film tht I will never forget, rest in peace all who died! Leonardo dicaprio is handsome ;) xxxxx
Ivw seen it in 3D long time in a theaters!
La he visto tantas veces que no se cuantas :$ es muy hermosa esa pelicula, la amo!!! romantica <3
A million times I LOVE Titanic its my favorite love story.
very romance
i love this film ^^
here it is i have seen it like twenty times in the short time i have been alive lol
once i think its in appropriet what ever the spelling is and romantic
hi ashley i know you probably wont read this but antway i just want to say that you are so pretty. Xx
Not yet,yet when I recover from this infection I am gonna attempt to watch whether it be in theatres or on DVD or NetFlix.Whatever way I get to watch itI am gonna watch it.It is one of my all-time favorite movies period.
Once in a theater, once or twice on VHS, and I think once on DVD or cable. Never 3D though. I think I recorded it on DVD, so I might watch it again.
dont know, maybe about 8 times or so ...♥
Five Times :) I love this Film so much ^^
Hi I'm Mya I'm ten years old and BTW do you like playing. Phinies and ferb
i have seen it like 3 times it is a good movie
me and my friends have seen it a million times we love it it is our favorite
Maral K
so much that i didnt keep count...and its so good that i cant find the perfect words to describe it.
Ohhh my goshhh!!!!!!! I can't help but watch it whenever I can!! I've seen it like... 5,000,000,000 times! It's my fav movie.
Can you tell me whats up with the Show you and the other Ladys were on last year " It was Great"?
like 3 times but ive never seen the ending!
I've seen like 18 and I'm only 14. I only <3 some guy in 6th grade.
A few times, though I fall asleep in the middle, its sooooooooo long.
i have seen it so many times and i still cry everytime.
i am going to see it i cant wait!
I have seen the musical while i was on holiday but not the film but would love to
I love it!!! It has been my favorite movie since I was 4!!!!!
i have seen it loads of times the first time i saw it i stared to cry
many times and i have only seen the part where its sinking i wonder if that means something #nevergetting onaboatagain
Tim Lee
About five times now.
Every time is a new feeling that I couldn't say.
6 love it though never get bored of it!
i want to watch it so bad but i don't know if i will get to or not.
i have the one that came out like, 5 years ago, that wasn't 3-d, and my mom says that this one is unaudioed, so idk about seeing it.
Lots and lots... I ♥♥♥♥♥ THAT MOVIE!
i don't know but so many times cause i luv that movie
Julie G
Ton's with my sister
I'm sorry, but I find Titanic too depressing. I'ts lovely, but I just can't understand how an old woman can so freely talk about her affair (and in such great detail, if the people listening saw it as vividly as it was in the movie
once!!!! i cant watch tht anymore cuz its too sad 4 me sometimes
Hi ashley I love you played in high school Musical your the best
One ever.
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