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Beach hair....without the beach ;)
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thanks for sharing this beautiful picture with us!!
I am trying to find out how to bleach hair without bleach. Looking for the article right now.
wow another pretty woman that wouldn't talk to me either
who wants beach hair.... I know after a day at the beach...I want SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER,  AND NO MORE SALT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I have hair like that without the neach
The only thing missing in this picture, is your beautiful smile. :D
Xavi J
like a goddess
hi hi
You look awesome!
ho ho very nice your pic ................. 
my life
yes you look grate
u look so pretty ps:can u add me
Beach blondies all over again (well, without the beach)
i have beach but i don't have hair is not a big Difference
Come to Old San Juan ill take you around... we have beaches!
PLEASE!!!!!!!!   MERCY!!!!!
i love your hair ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey any cut single guys on here that are the ages between 15 and 16??(: Comment and I'll add you!
Your so gorgeous. Beach hair or whatever your heart desires, you will always be one, beautiful girl.
You are so incredibly beautiful. I can't stand it. Your so hot...<3
wow really cute your so luck that you have cute hair and is actually beatiful cuz im UGLY
how do we really know that you are, in fact, the gorgeous Ashley Tisdale?
beach ?  some kind of color?
roman b
standard look sy.
ok, ashley's fans, it irritates me the ones that say "duck lips"  that is mean to write and rude! next time keep that comment to yourself plz
Cute.. I'd gone with your natural color.. - js -
I have nothing to say about you i can't measure you's beauty i know your real beauty can not be caunt never 4ever even with instrument. 
I discussed this post with 12 people in a hangout.
Ur hair is soooo pretty I wish I had hair like u
Jen S
You look so pretty
es dünyanın en güzel bahçelerine...
es gökzünün tatlı maviliğine...
es denizlerin berraklığına...
es insanların yüzlerine...

bu resimdeki gibi onlarda gülsünler heryerde mutlu olsunlar:)
Bad hair, beech hair no hair it don't matter u still look good
You are so pretty. I bet you have to beat the guys away with a stick.
much of his time dandruff
it is bautiful!!!:-)
Love Ur hair colour. Is it natural? 
I wish i was as pretty as her. i am so ugly!
lookin sooooo cute
thnx 4 sharing the pic
I got da Beach for that hair lol..looking good :)
you looking great and you are flower of rose.
Gm Raju
Look awesome&cute. L like ur style
you're nice Ashley, and i have a question, if you can, please, can you come here, to spain to doing a concert?, i love your music, and here, in MAdrid, most people love you :)
so's my like.....
wow.. so amazing. stunning. georgeous beauty.
how do you do that??? It's cool! :)
you looking very sexy
for your goldan hair
il like it very much
u put that pic al ova fb i seen it
you have got so beatiful hair I ♥ U're HAIR
so it is now BLEACHED hair! as long as your eyebrows match...Stay sexy
♥♥ Hello sweet Ashley. I♥ you. You soooo beautiful. ♥♥
she's pretty girl but if yhats her nose, im still 29.
magda l
wow! you're really beautiful!
love your hair i want to look like you when i get older
Hi loving the hair it rocks so cool :)
hello>>>>>>>>>>...... deare,,,,u,,,,,,, hot]\
he are you freen.....................?
OMG so beautiful ;) wow :o
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Muy hermosa !! Que belleza diosss mio !! JajajaJajaja
Muy hermosa !! Que belleza diosss mio !! JajajaJajaja
cutee ur hair looks really pretty!!!!
it looks pretty did you do it yourself?
lol! looks gr8 on u! woohooo! last comment! :]
ur soo pretty Ashley. i wish i could meet u
u look really pretty. I love being your fan
omg ashley tisdale you are seriously THE prettiest blonde ever!
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