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Now Playing at the El Capitan Theatre till August 30.
So let's climb to our hearts desire!
pls tell me .. when is ur next hangout?
so true what a awesome saying
amazing quote and always follow ur dreams <3
i rember when disney sang dat song
OMGGG love that songgggg. zack y cody ftw.
i luv d song,4rm d begining to d last,bt didnt knw who sang it,nd now i know
I watched that movie today. :P Lolz you're NEVER too old to watch "Cinderella"!
thats soooo true i love ashely tisdale!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Starts whistling the song) Disney forever peeps!
will some1 plz tell me how to make the cute little heart?
im new to dis and need friends:p
No sometimes we have horrible dreams but we don't wish for those.
Thats so cute I want to find something like that but ashley that mckenzie video is hilarious and tells the total truth! :D
Hearts do not work that way!
Amy Luu
hi selena gomez
she's doing a new movie out can't wait to see it
why do people throw that word 'heart' around like its more than an organ? I only say it if I am speaking of it as an organ.
What is your wish ?
i love princess movies they make me feel soo happy!!
yeah, i always had that stuck in my head. but i never really thought about the true meaning of it...
I don't know why all of my dreams are out of reach
My Biggest Dream is out of reach :'(  I sooo want to be a singer I'm a good singer but I don't know how to get noticed
enter a talent show Richelle Manson
that is the coolest thing I have ever heard 
...when your fast asleep <3 :)
Linda W
Doesn't every thought!
^im sure the person who writes the word "stupid" incorrectly is more stupid. Go back to 2nd grade dummy.
A dream is: 1:,a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep.
the sleeping state in which this occurs.
an object seen in a dream.
an involuntary vision occurring to a person when awake.
a vision voluntarily indulged in while awake; daydream;  reverie.
a wise man might say visions of thought, !think about it! love always tel x
My daughter's favorite Cinderella ~ :)
Even grown ups do still have disney stories in their heart. =)
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
I like Cinderella for mi whole life I keep it a secret but now it's not much of a seceret no more since I put it on here
Mi sueño es ver Dragon Ball Z en imagen real antes de morir. :) Sorry my spanish.
unfortunetly they consistantly happen at night, and then we wake up from then going "dang i wish that was real"
Sesha B
so cool and true!!!!
A heart is a wishing well, a spiral of emotions. Anger, peace, love..whatever emotions it may be, it's a wish that affects others. So, yeah..a wish is a motive on what you hold in your heart.
No scientifically mind fascinates
tht means my heart wishes toby callins grows a wart on his d_ck
love that picture in Disney 
Luz Idk
Idola I Love You Ashley <3 
just watched ur call me maybe video with justin bieber, selena gomez and alot of other pple...epic
Hey I heard u sang this song Ash good song!! xx
Dear Ashley Tisdale,
I think your a Awesome actress and singer
Whoa! That's beautiful. Does she post stuff like this all the time?
ooh its so...encouraging i should make that my profile pic!!
i had a dream that you killed my dog! Thanks alot!
that is true very true
ok Ashely Tisdale that's not really her you and your bunch of cronies worshiping you

My name is marcus jahman, i need a woman of 25 years to be my girlfriend.
my dream is toi become a wild life biologist 
whatever you wish for you dream!
is that soppose to be cinderella's castle
i just came back from disney i lov disney my damily is disney crazed
this is my scren saver ashley!! its like we are connected....! hahaha jkjkjk. i've always wanted to say that.... not to you, but i guess the chance came and i just took it! haha
queria  morar  num   no  meu  sonho   mesmo.kkkk,ke  pena:;)
Cinderelly said that ... I always thought it was ' LOVE INC.' !!!???
that place is awesome!!!
Cinderella ismy favourite princess. Yours?? xx
True saying!!! lol
Yusa Z
i love you im you biggest and awesomest  fan in the whole world
when u wish upon a star makes no difference who u are anything that u desire will come to uuuuuuuuuuuuuu ithink thats how it goes but idk
when i was little when ever we went ot diney land and dress up as a disney princess oh it was so much fun but those days are over
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