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Hey I heard you were a wild one...
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Dont know y buy she looks familiar
My fave song:
I am Titaaaaniiiiiuuuuummmm.......
Trying to give me two heart attacks at once? and, well yeah, I am a wild one!
Hello, they are happy in the party, they are interesting.
G L A M O R O U S!! Sure you two are having fun ey:-) 
G L A M O R O U S!! Sure you two are having fun ey:-) 
To sexy chicks acting like lesbians! :)
Pls add me. Lesbians are sexy
xD awkward.... of course boys would want to be inbetween tht O_O so... uh.... u were there?! xDD
Luv ur bathing suit!!👙👙👙👙👙
Bria A
om double g! Work it girl!!!! Lol
nice arm pits..... she has hairy pits ew
That girl is the mean girls friend from the movie princess protection program with selena and demi
:p fines ladies... Anyone get their names...
Gurup ....... Var sanki bizim hayvanlar da yaparlar(inekler) gercekten....
Nvm I did say that tho!(: hah
Love your bikinis!!!!
I'm pretty sure english is all she can read ppl
HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!! damn! can i come join y'all???!!!!! loljust kinda get in the middle or something. ;)
love that song! lol
Hows your day sayin hi
Maeve P
Make that a very wild one
Lol. No offense but that really really doesn't look right 😄😜
Hey Ashley is ur best friend was she in Princess Protection Program (PPP) 
I luv your bathing suit ashley! where did you get it?
Love ur bathers! Ur so pretty! Happy Birthday Wild One!
i jst luv dis song...
Oh Behi
whos that on top of u 
i can see thats girls under wear the one on top ove u but whatever i would love to party then be in a penhouse at the beach
(: looks like you had a fun time lol
It looks like fun .........
Ooooh do u have purple in your hair? It looks good! Haha
Do you think that they even SWAM? Theg have perfect makeup on!
Hey totaly crazy!! email me everybody i am 16 years old my email is
love it sexy fantastic look like you did not swim
Isn't that Carlos's x girlfriend 
nice beautiful and sexy girls 
'.LINDA.' '.FASCINANTE.' '.RARA.' '.BELEZA.' ... '.LINDA.' :/
like this very nice but in my city is not good for the old people
helo, aap ki ada bhut sexy hai. party pix very hot lol. 
i love that song but my mom hates it
Luv ur swimsuit! Where did u get it!?(:
rock and roll girls hey rubie want to be my freind so we can face chat
you can go to the chat room for this picture please
Hey Ashley,keep up the good work
Hiii How are you ....................fine..............well what are u are me. 919878285824 ........every one call me...I am free this week ok enjoy every day with me
alrighty then ill just go back 2 ... whatever i was doing
Very sexy!!! That's not something u see everyday!! :)
Beni aranıza alın bak nelere şahit olacaksınız görün. 
super hottttt............
me encantas Ashley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
i love you Ashley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
soory. toi la ng vietnams . ko hiu cak kau ns jjj........hj/ toi thay 2 con kve nay xinh do' chu'; nhung vao viet nam thoi thi e' chong zzzoi do' hehe nhu con di~
Hhhhhhhhhooooooootttttttt!!!!!!!!! Very hard!!!

Poko ko
that photo is new sexy .i so like this .
es preciosa eso desde españaa
meenie my neemo which one the wild sexy girl
Hell Yeah !!!! i´m....... Oh you mean her :) 
hey ashley me and my sister kaylan are big fans of yours
First of all I luv that song!!! :D I also love, love, love your bikini top in this pic! I soooo  want it! :) Oh, and yep, thats pretty wild...   #ILuvUAshley  <3 ! Yay
Ce cool cette tof ce ls belle nana
lovcuter look like your having fun rock it out gril
She has hairy arm pits but she still pretty
Yeaa...She is Samantha C. From princess protection program as brooke
I love that song!! Lol last comment
wow u luk half naked:L put some clothes on plz its innapropriate
No it's not! there just girls messing around!
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