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LOVE this! ‘Like’ if you agree ;) 
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yes i know some people like that
Those people also play reggae music. Ha
Me Be
So true.
cant wait to see ur new movie "spring breakers"
 <3 U!!!!
Not always easy but there is always the possibility to learn this.
I totally agree I was watching high school musical dance along
really, really, really.... that is true....
listen..... stop here, no more comenters.....
Just i remember one thing. Thats true
yes,yes,yes...... the picture than no the words
what!!!!! than romance...... tha bauty.....
So true. I tell ppl this all the time. Trust me it works like a fire pit and smores... yummie :D
Words to live by!! I've learned everything has a down side. So u probably have more that u think !!;)
As Long As Your With The One's You Love, It Doesn't Matter What You Have Or Where Your At, Because You Have Each Other!!
Elena Gilbert are you the one going out with Toby on Facebook?
As Long As You Are With The People You Love, It Doesn't Matter What You Have or Where You Live, Because You Are All Together, and That In Itself, Is The Best Happiness You Can Ever Have!!
This is a lesson I just learned in my life. No amount of money could replace those closest to me.
Just so all of you know I doubt that's actually Ashley tisdale and that saying is soo true it's unreal ;D
Nice to know i'm not the only one feel this way.People seem to get lost on the wrong roads and aren't able to see what is most important.
So true! I like that one alot. 2 bad every1 doesnt live by that!
Ditto can u add me Ashley I've a big fan I've seen every movie you've been in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wrong,,,happiest ppl dont have time to think about tha,,they just  enjoy
Very true. :) If only everyone could live by this!
In G+ we say "+1 this, not like". :-P.... Wise words by the way..
I love this so much! It's amazing how that works:)
Add meeeee xx please lol x ok u prob wont but i love u anyway xxxxxx
this is not facebook we google plus things here :) !!! pardon my language but f**k facebook. Its only a opinion. 
google plus all the way!!!!
its so every1 should make the most of their life
to all that agree say I
motion carried.
I Love What You Put On The Post Cuz It True what you Said<3 Thanks. 
These are the things rich people tell poor people to keep them in their place.
You are right! I can feel it!
That is correct and i like it
it is right..............................................
hmmmm.....but its difficult too as its true
Completely true. I feel like when you spend your days being envious and jealous of those around you, you miss the blessings right in front of you. :/.
Happiness is only but A STATE OF MIND ! It lasts only if u want it too.
Bitch shut the fuck up no one likes you
The happiest people think they have the best of every thing ... but the least of the best is waiting for the best to arrive.
Preach on tony touch!!!
that's true life can only be better if you appreciate what you get.
i agree 2 tis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Yeah I want to be among the happiest people and not the wealthiest people.
agree we have to be happy what we have n not to compare if u does than u will be most unhappy person of all
making the best of everything is best way to face the realities of life
truely spoken and thoughtfull too. so we are saying gather the worst to get the best instead of complaining.
i dont agree the happiest people are always the luckiest
I love it, because it's so true. You don't need much to have a good time. :)
the best thing can only come from one thing and that thing is love i can upload that saying - _- my idia not yours
Kj O
i love it
Am agree and i like it
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They don't ask God for things, they thank Him for what they have.
The great slogan every people should follow this
Ashly I know it is kinda annoying but will u add me to 1 of your circles I have loves your acting scince the amanda show plz I would love to talk to u (in all fairness I watched the amanda show wit u in it in 2003 cuase I am 12 and could not remember the episode
The prettiest people do the ugliest things on the road to riches and diamond rings... People Try reaching the Hollywood life not realizing Hollywood is where they make it !
Love it bring it with joy n laughter :-) :-) :-)
yur sooo rite add me back plase
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