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I ain't no princess, but I do love pink!
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so... loving pink color means you have to be a princess?
dang, when do we get married. you are just hot.
I Love em Blonde On The Outside,
Pink on the Inside
That is so gorg. I wish i was as curvy as u!xx
I think the princess always wear a white dress,doesn't she? 
Alex Xu
I agree with that...
                                                                                                       
I dont like the colour pink but u make me change my mind cuz it suits u soooooo much luv ya 
Xiao He
your coat is green, who tell u it's pink?
You are not princess ....... You are a queen ....!
A queen is a better title for u.. Xp
U r so fckin lookin nice my gf will be jealous of u :P
pinks the new black right
Tom D
I love you! Ashley, best wish for you 
pretty dress ashh, i kinda have the same tehe
its good for you XD   look very sexy
sou um dos teus maiores fãs, ficas linda neste vestido deusa do meu ecrã.........
hi ashley....u with pink, with blue, with red, with yellow still nice
you look beautiful absolutely beautiful in pink ashley 
soo nice and helllo everyone
You are really amazing on this photo! But I can also say that I'm extremely in love with your shoes! :D
I want a cute friend Who become my friend?
Send me request on G talk
Cute I am not a fan of the middle but it is very cute :) hehehehe love you Ashly :)
you're very beautiful like barbie :)
And it makes u most beautiful.........
you're hot ,why are you keep yourself in those long long dress ???
I love Ashley tisdale.your song is good.
you`re sexye`s   i like you.....
Pink is your color as it brings out the wonder. Regarding the length of the dress. It brings out the look of a lady with class, suspense.
yupz it's true...
Why do you have to be so pretty?
lol. pretty. isnt that the same dress that brittney spears wore 4 the x factor?? :-/
 i like that you pery nice end sexsi
Ashley is beautiful but i don't like this dress....
trust me swwetie yhu are a princess....nice dress u got there yhur grace
you are very beautiful in this photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But you make pink look spookier good!
Jou its a princes and Seksy wow priznam js sm lezba 
Even though I dont like pink, u look good in it!
me gusta como es ella pero no me gusta mucho el vestido
J Jones
I like turtles
She is so a fake ashley tisdale! 3 reasons why.

1. She is always posting pictures from her movies and pictures that were on google way before she put them on google+

2. Her profile picture never changes and is always a picture of her NOT looking at the camera, and frankly, just isnt a good picture. The real Ashley Tisdale certainly wouldn't have that

3. Her posts are never about her. They are usually just posts about quotes from her movie.

I hope I have made my point very clear to those of you obsessed with this Google+ phony. To those of you who are quite naive ans STILL think she is real I AM NOT A HATER I JUST HIGHLY DESPISE WHATCHING SO MANY PEOPLE FALL FOR THIS SHIT
i luuuuv pink toooo!!! <3 beautiful!! :)
i know right every one says its a girly color but i LUV it!!!
How da hell do you stay THAT slim...!!??! look FAB..:D:D
Now, this is so lame ashley tisdale....everyone's commenting on yhur pix and yhu can't even say a THANK YHU...are yhu for REAL on this google+ ish or yhu just a joke...smdh mtchewwww 
Now, this is so lame ashley tisdale....everyone's commenting on yhur pix and yhu can't even say a THANK YHU...are yhu for REAL on this google+ ish or yhu just a joke...smdh mtchewwww 
Very google nike
Ei Thet
Pinky girl you look really good

Actually,you do look like a princess.....
you knowww wat i like pink 2, hahahaha, pink boy . u knoww it
I'll tell you the truth do not really like pink I love yellow more I am very their fan
fuck the pink , i don't like thir colour.
i am come from china...i love pink too...even i am a boy ....
its common for girls to like pink
You are BUTfull 4 ever !!!
Me tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo?
i cold by the photo, pretty one,,,
U o look good in pink cute dress! U could be Britney Spears' twin!<3[~__~]
love the dress!!!
IF Ashley was Britney Spears, then who would Ashley be?   We already have a Britney and I think that Ashley is great just as she is.
You're the princess of pink!
i love pink as well its my fav color 
What is ur middle name 
youare so pretty to me so send me
Wow that dress look great on you !
i use to think that you were a plastic surgery feak but your pretty coo
I kinda hate pink, but you look cute Oh it. Rock on!
I kinda hate pink, but you look cute Oh it. Rock on!
I kinda hate pink, but you look cute Oh it. Rock on!
hai pinky u looking good with pink colour
hye frndsssssss...wat iz going on frnds?
u no wht i dont like pin tht much bt i uv pupura - purple in spanish
I just saw Brittney Spears in this same dress on E news and I must say you look better in this dress but no offense to Brittney :)
awesome pic..! Really beautiful..!
No I think you will look better in light yellow ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ you
Cool, Just wear what ever makes you feel yourself and comfortable within yourself. Doesn't matter what color it is.......It's all about expressing who you are to the world. ; )
Yea you do but love the dress it looks fab on you
i would so wear that ! THAT IS ADORABLE !(:
thats sooooo pretty, and last comment ☺☻♥▒
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