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Ponytails and bikinis #twinsies
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aww she is soo cue (The little girl not ashley)
could very well be they look very similar!
Jon M
very cute picture
hi ashley is this your dauter your both cute
famous people contact me at
aw, she's so cute!!!!!
omg i just realized that's ashley tisdale
Is she ur sister? She is adorable
she is so cute. is that your daughter
that girl is soooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!
she is soooooo cute is she ur sister?
sweet picture of too very lovely ladies :D congrates :D
hahah looks like small and one older :) lol lol
Aww enjoy these times it goes so fast she is adorable
Leila G
awwww!!!! How adorable!! :)
they are as beautiful as each other
Omgosh that girl is that ur sister she is so adorable I SO <3 her
aww so cute sister or kid luv the pony tails
aww she is so cute is she your sister? because u too look alike that is a good thing lol
Huh?... I gotta read 190 comments to catch up!!! That's too much...I hate reading!
lovely picture.................................
awwww. sooo cuts. us girls with "real hair that's long & true" rock !!! gotta luv our ponytails & pigtails. lol
nic snap....with ashely nd swt. Baby...bydwy, ho z tht baby?
they are cuter, when they are together.. uh that rhyme :)
bonjour! je suis bon. comment allez vous? je t'aim vous!!! french lol
Looks like you had fun went to the beach?
GOD bless you with your cute baby.... :)))))))
awwwww! Aint they cuties!
kiss for your baby really beautiful
yeah swthrt who is she...n she is looking pretty.
You two are so cute!!!:-D
It's nice to see sister's getting along .
No i think that is her older sis jennifers daughter
Is your sister really really pretty cute.
i love you ashleeeey your movie the big adventure of sharpay is an sucess!
you guys are retarted it is her daughter
awe....................................................... shes soooooo cutte
how is the other person? is your sister ashley?
Aww thats so cute who is that though
Okay, let's get things straight. You are wearing a bikini but she is not. Who is that anyway?
whos that cute adorable girl????
thats so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yara al
awww that little girl is sooooo cute
You guys are both so pretty!!! Everyone Have an Awesome Memorial Day, don't forget to remember our soldiers!!🇺🇸
What an awesome picture of you Ashley. This picture shows me a side of you that is real. So stepped back from being a celeb and a real person.
i know,that's what i am talking about
yr N
awwwwww! soooooooo cute♡
is that ur cousin or niece or something else...?
looks like she is untying your bikini!!??
hey wat do you think guys is that is ashley tisdale
I love you I'm watching High School Musical 2 right now
awww u guys are ssssooooo cute together
This baby is sweet and her mother is very nice.
Ya looking so special two have some one like you
wow wo you're sooooooooo beautiful yeah how?answer my question?

Im uyuy from indonesia
who is that? you two look so cute together
that is adorable i saw you  on punk'd and i was laughing on how you reacted
 Both are very Beautiful  Plz replay me
both r cute. but how is she related to u?
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