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Hmmm... Can't decide. Need your help choosing my production company logo. Stars or no stars? Put A or B in the comments... Thanks guys!
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A u never can get to many sparkles!!!!!!
i love to help you my skype id is shahzadnaqvi add me
Kage DC
A all the way
In Design you are looking for what catches the eye of your customers so i would say use the stars
Defintely A, B looks the Beverly Hills signs
a is better if you want it to say stars says im a girly girl
b if you want it to say i like pink im blonde but im not really a girly girl
Definitely A! Lol they both look cute tho :)
no stars I think it's simple and classy that way :)
Def A...STAR POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Delete the stars sweetie,looks kind of "myspace ish",the second one looks professional..
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa omg its so cute totally a
AAAAAAAAAAAAA for Awesome! (:
it gives it Pah-Zazz! :D
you should use sparkles!! :) btw my gymnastics floor music is he said he said!
How about "a" but with "BLONDE GIRL PRODUCTIONS"
Choose the one you like your the blondie girl
hmmmmmmmm let me think
vast difference
its difficult but
To tell u the truth, i thought they were both the same xD
sparkles!!!!!!! your sing he said she said is my music to my gymnastics floor routine! :)
Do u need another A !!! Lolz
B, A looks a little too crowded. I'm a strawberry blonde :)
B the sparkles are too much and plus I'm a Tom boy I don't like all the way
A is so much better :) and the stars add glamour and also class :D B just looks plain..
Animate it (animated GIF file) so that the twinkle comes and goes ... I would drop the blue background and make it transparent as well
A Definitely. Like the Sparkle.
A of corse just make the stars even
I like A. Best of luck to you.
sam xo
A!!! looks cuter!
a, definately a. b is blah, boring. a brings out the circles on the bottom & the center name. lol
+AshleyTisdale just watched punked with u and Nick Cannon man i felt so bad when u were upset
UUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.......... hmmmm..... tuff call..... I mean, the signs are so different!! How can you figure it?
a seems a little childish i think.. so i say b (:
A. A. A. A. A. A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
I believe by now, Ashley is done with his company logo
a totally i love the stars they hav a femine charm
Fuck them stars. lol Looks cooler in my opinion like a badass bitch badge! ;P
A looks cute 'n pretty so i'll take that
What do you see in...B?!?!?!?!? I agreeeeee AAA
a lol Ashey i like you with blonde hair lol you just look cool with blonde
I'll say it once again, B
Capital see how I did dat? LOL!
B all day woman.
The girlie girls will pick dem stars all day dont ya know,
Stars come and go,
count on the facts of the matter
4EVER the badges will be everywhere you fuckin go. :D
Hi pretty girl. Why don't you just invert b and place it on top of a?....Just kidding. I like the stars because they put a twinkle in my eye, just like you do. ;) Just got done running and I think I'll relax, have a (B) and look at your pictures some more...which reminds me, I have to put up some new pics soon. I've been working hard. Here's to you Ashley (clap) (clap) (clap) I wish you all the best. Stephen (bye)
I also love stars yet we are talking about a lasting logo. The stars will get old. Badges don't. Just my opinion I like seeing all the time if the stars werent cluttering the essence of the message in it up.
AAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!
"a" for me. Oh and if you need any social media help, let me know. :)

a it looks way better
B !!! Definitely B !!! The stars can be distracting!
Sara Murphy
A! More girly and your perosnality.
b no a well idk they're both good let me look again... yah b, the sparkles would be good without the loopy swirls but with them and te sparkles it looks kinda' tackey but if you go with b yu kinda' get the idea that your more serious about it, i guess it depends ehat the product is
i like A it has the sparkels
2 things... I got the last comment again....and definitally A i like the stars!!
OMG 500th comment 
A -is my choice
definately A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   :)
Both, A and B,
Whatever your heart tells you to do.
* A * is awesome!
A! Sparkles would go really nice with the logo!
KK Noel
a is way better
well I think it is pretty simple so I think A sparkle girl
a girl you are a girl of sparkle and pazaz
you are right have no clue,but I gotta say A
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