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Remember these? Daydreaming of Maui... ♥ #LiteBrite
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It looks beautiful🎀🎀🎀🎀🌸💐🌷🌺🌻🌹
Oh yeah. But I was never that talented. Not even close.
OMG that's SO PRETTY!!!! 🌺🌹🌷🌸💐💜💚 love it
yep infact i still have one
Oh wow that brings back memories...
ahhhhh song stuck in my head now!
one of my favorite things to do back in the day lol
thats really pretty.........creative with colored dots!!!!!
I miss them, my kids enjoyed them so much. What a great toy, replaced by electronic noise.
I live on the island of Maui in Wailuku, HI. Remember the Lite Brite for sure!
really cool i live in Penslyvania....COOL!!!!!
wait why am i funny???sooo confused??
i remeber when i had one i still want one
Me too! I miss it! #LiteBrite is AWESOME I <3 LITE BRITE
love those so much
brings back so many memories with my brothers and cousins
I love going to the galveston beach with my bffs.
I had one and got one for Xmas from my mom posing as Santa Claus!
Whoa! Reminds me of being in NYC. Pixilie.
Are you bored today, slow days bring back forgotten moments
Nice Pic by the way
i love that game except it always had the light on for a very short time
Hey that is so cool and I hav a lite brite :)
Looking at palm trees makes me miss florida I SO need a vacation
your awsome and love the pic
That is a pretty picture!
Is this an app or website? Nice design :)
very nice palms and sun-beautiful!!!
Sure ummmmmmmm looks good?! I ummmmmmmm not gonna lie here... It's not to ummmmmmmm pretty but if y'all are gonna make a big deal of it then go a head. And it would look SOOOOOO much prettier if you could go outside instead too watch the sun set. 
i use to play with one all the time
sooooooooo cooool i used to play w/ a lite brite such a fun past time game
i use to love those where can i find them?
Oh, yeahh it is soo cool
milions of pixel and colours,any lightes,very very good
beautiful picture
I have one of those!!!! the colors are just red and blue tho...
um robert saldana needs to stop cursing cuz some younger kids might be on here and they dont need to read what your saying
My power keeps going out NOW SHUT THAT THING OFF!!!!!!!Shablanski!!!!!!!!
thats like my entire childhood right there!
hey ashley i bet you dont read all the comments so i dont think youll read mine but i just wanted to say you are an amazing actress and ive always looked up to you!
i wish i was there instead of here the beach is awsome
pretty kool awesome i wish i could learn how to do that
That's cwl n I know how to do tht hahahaha...........
Is that an app? An Maui misses you too! Come back! (I live Oahu though, but still, the weather's been great here lately!)
I remember those !!!! I used to love those
i had that when i was like 5 years old
I made one of those yesterday but it broke
i used to hav a litebrite but we got rid of it cuz we lost all the pieces!!
thats really pretty
i have one of those! light brights right? they are soooo fun. did u make that?
I have one of those! they are soo cool!
That's really neat! I want one now
Kassy G
i used to LOVE playing with those!! but i would always lose the little color light things!
that is pretty well i think half of it is
hi hi
I ❤ mauritius im going there this summer
so cool wish i could do that it is colorful
i rember those from when i was like 5
i never had them but that looks awewsome
wow it just made me day dream. pretty though !!!!! 
I LOVE this - what a wonderful pic and wonderful reminder - I totally forgot about LiteBrite!!
Those were so fun! I had one when i was like five
Ayse E
Hey Ashley Tisdale nice pic 
no i don't remember, i'm 11. Should I?
yess well idk iam a bit older than you i got mine at age 10, that was 6yrs ago
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