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Rockin' these today! I can finally see. :) #WowThatsWhatYouLookLike
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I played Sharpay in my camp play.

Love Sharpay 2
Ashley my friend is a big fan she would love to meet you
Me Be
I did not know you wore glasses, you look beautiful anyways.
it is ok, i wear glasses too. you look good,
his comment no longer exists.
you look hot in that picture
cute u look like jenna marbles
thanks to you Ashley you look amazing you just put sunshine in my day.   
your such a beautiful woman 
if you find yourself in the UK, pop in for a cuppa !!

New look , so serious with glass ,😉
Leo T
I normally don't get distracted, even after following you for months, but you look beautiful even though I'm probably saying this to her admin assistant who does her G+ LOL.
+Ashley Tisdale Doesn't matter how you looks like & how many will like that. Enjoy the universe & be yourself. We aren't no highschool kids anymore XD
I have some glasses like that but they have a bow on the side
i wanted some like that but my eyes are fine. :/
You look so pretty in those glasses and smart
Maya Ch
u look good in those glasses 
you look like a nerd but there is nothing wrong with that
fresh ashley newton shut uppppppppp reatard
you look beautiful girlfriend
I love those!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
awww.. your so pretty Ashley!!! I look up too you!!!!! I love you!! <3
Hi Ashley, I'm your super fan, and I write because I am happy that you are my inspiration every day, I do not speak good English but I am using a translator to write, visit my page dedicated to you 100% not know how much I make the effort for you to see my page someday, but I can not respond to the tweets that you sent. Greetings from Peruvian (Perú). I Love You Ashley #IAmTizzie.
what's your natural hair color
Going to be honest. I don't know who you are but they look nice. Enjoy new sights. :-)
rockin the glasses gurl!!!!!!!!!!
you look pretty as always
Were you on that show with the 2 brothers that lived at a hotel. I know I'v seen you around ,and you just keep get'n prettier everyday. I remember when I first noticed I needed glasses.I was looking at watches.You know those li'l tags on watches.LOL! PS You do rock those glasses.
Hey I saw this on twitter ŸØÚ look so pretty
Beautiful with or without!
Just wanted to say two things; one: nice glasses. They look sharp. Two: that workout you posted Saturday left my external abdominal obliques and serratus anteriors more sore than they've been for a while. Though I did substitute the five kneeling push ups with 25 regular ones. Did two rounds with a group of kids. Not only did I get to workout, I also kept five to six kids occupied for a bit. Thank you for that!
very beautiful look i like it . Good morning
Se ve linda con las gafas
Felicidades por poder ver
Looks so peety in those glasses. Luv it
Baby girl, Why r u so upset? Want to eat some chocolate?
Of course she is how can she not b...
It is fallacious 2 say d beautiful one's re not yet born,when u re born already. u re cute
It is fallacious 2 say d beautiful one's re not yet born,when u re born already. u re cute
u look so great and beautiful!!!
ashley tienes gafas?¿ pero esstas muy guapa
 en la foto jejejeje tu eres bellisima
gal yu a awesome gimme sum tips of.being hot like yah
Hi Natural Beauty.................
Hope you have a good morning :)
2 large baby girl you have to get some smaller ones
i love you ashley my love i love you forever alone.
kool pic, u hav a expressive eyes, so wht kind of music do u like
You look so great in them. GLASSES ARE FRIENDS.
 You whims in their photo gallery of madonna. It is a really big fan.
Very pretty! You look great with glasses! :)
shes soo pretty 
Those r so adorable I would never look that good u r really pretty
i love those types of glasses i have a pair of my own
you look awesome and amazing. It's a good look for you
danqq u growedd sincee um highskool music
you look cool in this glassses cuter
those r really pretty i have some of those but different colors!!!!
wow  you are beautiful 
your so beautiful...that's why i like you
what vision do you have Ashley? they said mine was 20-20 at a distance lol
Cracker, love to borrow the glasses, little beauty
sooooooooo cute!!! :D Rocking the glasses, Ashley.
U r d most hot sexy and fucking girl..
i like volbeat  still counting
kya hoe ap ko kiss k intzar ha me?
Rani G
Looking awesome!
Oh Ashley !! You are just soo beautiful !!
u look hhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nt bad hey nt bad at al,infact u luk debonair
Did you really get glasses?? Those look awesome on you!
theres sumthing about a girl in glasses x
r u pic vry vry ciuttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
oh dear you r lucking as u r waiting some one frm long time.
Oh Ashley !! You are just soo beautiful !!
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