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Your brown eyed girl...
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why did u go from b;ue to brown u look better with blue but cute with brown
no blue eyes but.. very good looking
I am way to old to call you cute, but yeah...
Very nice picture. Welcome to the G+ stream. :)
ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh prettya!!!!!!
ashley i would really like it if you would see my youtube videos and leave a comment :) you are one of my idols
So pretty 
I'd be thrilled if she was my brown eyed girl, she (you) is beautiful.
You are so beautiful and pretty!!
Pretty eyes make the world a better place.
awesome. I agree with +jordan should be your new profile pic. :D

i miss ur music!! u should start a new album!!!
beautiful, want to……
Same eye color as me
agreed Riaaz, very nice look, course can't think of a bad look for Ash:)
she looks really pretty this is also a girls opinion
wow those r brown eyes....... thats so COOL!!! :)
hello mañana paul mc cartney en uruguay hace un recital y enpieza su gira por sudamerica
question... Are those eyes photoshopped?
Love this jaw line and the colror of your eyes in this pic-
Simply put:

Hi ashley you are so hot
haha sooo proud of myself for understanding ur post +anders irigaray 3 years of spanish class pays off!!!
is that u cause it looks like u but different in a way
Me Be
Nice eyes babe :D
wow look @ dose iyz it doesn't need one 2 build castles in air so as 2 look than imagine
I love that song and you
Okey! Your own eyes blue offcourse!
That's one requirement. If you have chronic nymphomania without a clue or a care for a cure, you are definitely marriage material. 8 fingers is room to wear 8 husbands. Which the other 7 are better alternatives for you to turn to every time I blow up a stereo or wreck your rep with neighbors than a divorce attorney. I can always pretend to be jealous. But I can't pretend to bomb courthouses as a means to keep the superb taste in my internal palette that only a cookie like you can deliver.
i love the pink streaks in ur hair i am gettin a red streak this summer
Did u photoshop your eyes or something?
The photo looks good but I'm not sure if you have colored your eyes or what...
plise not close your sexy eye...................................................i like your eye................................................................................................
hey ashley!! i m new here
Omigosh i like the pic but i HATE the hat .
She is so much better without it . 
I `double-edged man ....... he he he ........
My eyes are brown, too, only it's light brown!
rhi rhi
I have hazel eyes, kinda like yours!
my eyes change color. but u have pretty eyes!!
She looks super cute and beautiful (as always) in this pic. Go sharpay/Ashley.
lovely I like you!
Very pretty, I like
they look lie mine full of wild and parties hahaha
Looks like itz edited on iphone 
It's heating up in here!! (those eyes.....WOW!!!)
♥♥ Hello, sweet Ashley. I♥u. You have very nice Eyes.♥♥
You are so beauty if you do not mind,I want to make a sex with you
Hey,girl,I love your face.
Hey,girl,I love your face.
nice girl
Angel R
beatiful ashey <3
Ashley sou fã do seu trabalho e adorei os filmes: a fabulosa aventura de Sharpay e high school musical
im the blue,green,gold and hazel eyed girl.......... i literlly have crazy eyes
i' ve got chocolate brown eyes :)
gotta say u look better with blue eyes but not to bad
Beautiful girl !!! :">
you r totally awesome
I totally love u
love the new look
it brings out your highlights
like gooddddddddddddddddd
I just heard a song called brown eyed girl from Jimmy Buffet.... No I don't listen to him. My parents do...
shapay Evans from hsm is awesome :) might die my hair that color
Have you ever heard the song Brown Eyed Girl by Royalty? I think you fit it perfectly ;)
wow ashley...u got the most charming eyes eva gal, you got me trippin
You are a pretty girl... Take care.
awww I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! i have a book filled with pictures of you i got my hair cut last year with like ur side bangs and stuff just like you LUV YA GIIRRLLL!
oh my GOd ur such an angel il lyk to have sm1 lyk u always close to me. I love 
your eyes are really light and really pretty
Ashley im a huge fan im so glad i can talk to u lol mii name is ashlyn an im almost 15on tha 26th 
i'm i the only not famos person cuz that's all i see celeb celeb celeb blah blah blah...... nice hair btw
I'm just a little too much in love with you. Kinda creepy old man like that.
Whose boy is this beautiful girl? (You are, Ashley, the beautiful girl!)
Ashley Michelle gorgeous,intelligent,amazingggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
im sure there was some photoshopping involved
brown eyes are awsome!!!!! i have brown eyes too!!!!!!!
lovely jani love u plzzz call me
sooooooooo cuteeeeeeeee.......and lovely u call me my no is 8876290217
barbie girl
Khoa Le
pretty eyes:)
you eyes sparkle. no seriously look at the eye closest to you. it's sparkling
you are beautiful and you have crazy eyes !!!
i adore you !!!!!!!!! 
H-h-hi umm....... *stares at ur "neckles" *
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