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I'm not sure how I feel about this...
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You ever feel like tomorrow's tech is already here?

Google Maps on Android now shows you floor plans for inside some buildings. Like, go to the mall and it shows you a map of where all the stores are.

Is it just me who thinks this is awesomely futuristic? Google Maps Streetview is also doing mapping of inside stores and businesses these days -- so you can walk around a store without even visiting.

Oh, and on the side they're making self-driving cars. Which presumably will follow the maps so you don't have to. What a crazy, tech-driven world! :)
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Seeing how well my GPS works when I'm inside, I'm not really sure this is going to help me much.

And the cynical side of me says that it is just Google trying to better track us for ad purposes.
This could be a great thing. Virtual tour guides are the first thing I think of.
Imagine having an app that will take you through a city that includes the insides of buildings.
The big question I have to ask is how accurate are our GPS within our phones. Given the amount of lag I have in most buildings while on AT&T, I don't think this will work too well.
Meters matter here.
I'm most concerned about safety in public buildings. With the state of the world today- people are capable of drastic actions, many of which result in devastation. Does the potential for misuse not stand up to the benefits?
Ashley, floor plans for almost any building are freely available. Yes, this would make it easier, but how much difference would this really make?

I imagine as this develops, we are going to see companies that target ads directly to location within a store. If you are standing near the shoe section at Macy's, all of a sudden you are hit with a coupon for 20% off or something like that.
Granted, stores often change their layouts so maybe not this, but wow! The opportunities are potentially endless.
I'm still not sold on it being a benefit for people in general. Advertisers, yes. But I guess we'll see :)
I still think the best application of this will be in the tourism industry.
Potentially, even universities or other "campus" organizations. When a student registers for classes, they are automatically given immediate turn by turn directions to their class room, no matter where they park.
If I'm going along with this crazy train ;) From an Advertising standpoint, I like the idea of opting in-- for instance, University maps become available to students and staff once registered. If you want the map of a mall, tourist attraction you have to opt in.
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