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Ashley Harris
The most frequently used word others choose to describe me: "Quirky" (sometimes followed by, "But you're a good quirky.")
The most frequently used word others choose to describe me: "Quirky" (sometimes followed by, "But you're a good quirky.")

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It's not my fault
I have a collection of quotes that I've been saving since I was in seventh grade.  More than twenty years and thousands and thousands of quotes and this morning I heard my new Favorite Quote Ever. FAVORITE. QUOTE. EVER. There.  Maybe that conveys how much I...

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SPEC-tacular Christmas Lights!
Last night our family made a trek across town to visit Garvan Woodland Gardens  to enjoy their Holiday Lights show.  We were especially excited about this visit because I received a new shipment of Holiday Specs 3D Christmas Glasses  to test again this year...

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Through All of It
This week has been a hard week. So many of my friends and family and even just acquaintances or strangers I see on social media have been struggling this week. There's hurt and there's sickness and there's death and there's just so much pain in the lives o...

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Crystal Wash Product Review
Image Source: It's occasionally been both questionable and debatable as to whether I'm an adult.  I can be crass and juvenile and all sorts of things that are "unbecoming of an adult".  I jokingly used "explosive diarrhea" in conversation ...

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More than you realize
I've been seeing the same few ads on Facebook lately.  They're not interesting, they're not relevant, and they are getting kind of annoying after seeing them over and over again. So today I just clicked "Hide Ad" to get rid of it and noticed that Facebook h...

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Product Review | Medical Grade Otoscopes
Recently I had a company who gave me the opportunity to test two of their medical grade otoscopes so that I could provide a review for , as well as for my followers. All two of you. The company Gurin , gave me discounts on both of these products...

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Product Review | Kids Knit Beanie & Scarf Set
I've had quite a few opportunities to test some fantastic products over the past few years.  Some are incredible.  Some are complete duds.  And some are great products that are awesome on their own, but just didn't work for me.  This product is not a comple...

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Product Review | AleHorn Tankard
I recently had the opportunity to test a truly one-of-a-kind product when I received a unique Tankard Drinking Horn courtesy for AleHorn. This horn is such a neat and interesting piece and it looks incredible when you see it in person. It's formed of 100% ...

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Merry Christmas from us Crazy Cats!
Starting off the Christmas Season with some merry wishes from those crazy cats: Jason, Ashley, Ty & Beckett.

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A Trekkie Christmas | Make it So
We have a new favorite Christmas Carol at our house now. Even The Husband in all his Scrooge-ness had to smile in merriment as we watched this video below.
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