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Ashley Frederickson
It just takes one person to make a change and change the world!
It just takes one person to make a change and change the world!

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Learning to LOVE Yourself through Serving Others
Service used to be my middle name. I lived to help others, it was on my mind ALL THE TIME. I would come home from school to go pick up trash in the neighboorhood park, or I would ever so sneakily take up my neighbors trash can for them, or I would clean the...

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2016 - Finding Hope and Healing Admist the Mess
This past year has been an interesting one. It's been very messy emotionally, it's been a struggle to find balance for all the things I feel called to do, and it's been one of learning and growing in a new life as I've fallen in love with the most amazing m...

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Book Review // Faith and a Life Jacket
Faith and a Life Jacket -  7 Truths for your Eternal Mission About the Book: Author: Ben Bernards Released: 2016 Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc. Genre: Spiritual/Inspirational Book and Author Sources: AMAZON   |  BOOKS AND THINGS  |  WEBSITE  |  FACEBOOK  |  Bo...

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Book Review // You've Got This!
You've Got This! - How to look UP when life has you down Al Carraway, Chad Hymas, Whitney Laycock, Dallas Lloyd, Hank Smith, Tamu Smith, Zandra Vranes About the Book: Author: 7 inspiring people (Compiled by Elise Hahl) Released: 2016 Publisher: Cedar Fort, ...

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Beautiful and Simple is the Way of the Lord
The way The Lord works is BEAUTIFUL! I don't know how He does it. I don't know how He turns every possible thing to our good. I don't know how He has the ability to love us in spite of the inadequacies we have on a daily basis. I just don't understand...and...

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Overwhelmed in the Grace of Christ
The thirteen-year-old in me decided this was the picture that was going to pull me through the rough times in life. Life is beautiful in so many incredible ways, but sometimes it gets hard. I don't want to focus on the hard today, I want to focus on the gra...

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I Survived Week 1 of Whole 30
Well, I survived Week  of the whole 30. Whole 30 is an eating whole program for 30 days being very cautious of every single label. I'm not doing this program to lose weight, I am doing this program to take charge of my health and power over my life. A sympt...

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What I Thought Was My Disadvantage Turned Out To Be My Advantage
Sometimes our disadvantages are really our advantage.  I've asked the questions so many times...the what if questions. What if I had played sports in high school? What if I had attended a University away from home instead? What if my family had been more in...

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Give It All To Christ
This morning I was studying my little heart out on nutrition and health. I was trying so hard to self-diagnose and take every little matter into my own hands. The more information I read, the more opinions I contemplated over, the more ideas and possibiliti...

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A Balanced Life is a Powerful Life
You were BORN to take power over your life. You are a Daughter of God and in that you hold His Character or at least the potential to resemble His character as you progress in this mortal journey. Moses 2:26-28 "And I, God, said unto mine Only Begotten, whi...
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