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Ashley Fontainne
Author of intense thrillers that just might make dinner late and your house remain messy!
Author of intense thrillers that just might make dinner late and your house remain messy!

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Press Release for Marriage Made Me Do It

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Blood Loss Sneak Peek
Prologue Camden, Arkansas
– Saturday, March 2, 1957 – 10:00 p.m. T he cold winter
rain started out as sporadic drops when she left the inconspicuous home hiding
dark deeds behind its walls. When she stepped off the bus on the outskirts of
town (much to the ...

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The Attitude of Gratitude
Six years ago, I blindly stumbled down the writing path,
unsure of what pitfalls to steer clear of or what scary things were lurking in
the shadows waiting to pounce on me, stripping me of my naiveté. I soon found
out there were more than lions, tigers and ...

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The official trailer of Ruined Wings, based off of my novella of the same name.

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Beyond Grateful
Saturday, April 22, 2017 made the Top Ten List of Most Memorable Moments in My Life. No doubt. Detractors mocked me, saying it would never happen. A few people close to me clucked their tongues in disgust, calling me naive and easily duped because there was...

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Cocktails For Ten!
I am excited to announce that my romantic suspense novel, Suicide Lake, is part of a boxed set
along with nine other fabulous authors—and you readers should be excited too!
Why? Because Cocktails for Ten contains 10 full length novels ranging from sweet rom...

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Some Wounds May Never Heal - Part 5 of Addiction is a Family Disease
Sometimes life leaves you with an open wound rather than a scar  This truth is a painful one to learn and a lesson I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Unfortunately, when you have someone in your family struggling with substance abuse, whether actively using...

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Review of Unveiled and Interview with A.D. Trosper
It has been way too long since I hosted the talented Audra Tropser on my blog, so when I heard she had a new release, I was excited and begged her to drop by for a visit to discuss Unveiled.  Let me share my review of this book, followed by the interview:  ...

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Yes! The #PowerofIndie! Thank you Jerri Hines for posting this blog!
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