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WordPress Web Designer and SEO Specialist making you stand out on the web
WordPress Web Designer and SEO Specialist making you stand out on the web


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Learn how to get started with Facebook live with the ever-happy Mr Gray
+Ian Anderson Gray 
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Ever struggled to start a business online?
Honestly, everyone has. So I figured, why not ask people who are actually making a living online how they did it.
The result: 52 people share advice, tips, tricks and back stories on how they succeed online in everything from-
Social media
Digital products
Physical products
and more
Featuring such awesome people as: +Mike Allton +Rebekah Radice +Maddy Osman +Brent Jones +Jason Quey +Adam Connell +Sue Anne Dunlevie +Alex Pirouz +Ann Smarty +Meryl Johnston +Brittany Bullen +Kristi Hines +Kirsty Stuart +
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Need some ideas for your next online business or how to make money online?

This Guide is The Biggest And Most detailed of it's kind- giving you ideas from
- blogging
- writing
- teaching
- digital and physical products
- services
and much more...

This post has over 100 ideas, including useful resources and tips from 50+ business owners like
+Mike Allton +Brent Jones +Andrea Beltrami +Ian Anderson Gray 
+Foundr Magazine Nathan Chan, +NinjaOutreach David Schneider
+Dennis Seymour  +Adam Connell +Cat Neligan +Rebekah Radice +Brittany Bullen  +Marianne Manthey +Cara Chace  +Kristi Hines +Chris Hodgeman +Maddy Osman +Kirsty Stuart +Doug Cunnington +Brent Galloway +Sarah Santacroce +Jason Quey +Danny Ashton +Brandon Schaefer +Kelly Hungerford +Ron Sela +Jase Rodley +Diana Marinova +Tor Refsland +Daniela Uslan +Nicky Pasquier +Tom Southern +uttoran sen +Ann Smarty +Sue Anne Dunlevie +Tim Soulo +Alex Pirouz +Julie Mason +Kurt Frankenberg +Pre-K Pages #businesstips #onlinemarketing #bloggingtips 
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Feeling a little introverted? You are not alone.

CHECK OUT +Sarah Santacroce  new website all for YOU the under-appreciated introvert.

This week's episode starring none other than +Denise Wakeman

#businesstips   #marketingtips   #introvert  
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Ever wanted to go viral! This post will show you a sure-fire formula to visibility, shares and more.
Thanks +Kevin Duncan and +Tom Hunt  for a great post
Behind the Scenes of a Viral Guest Post

Ever wondered how a guest post goes viral? Is it luck? Is it random? Is it potions, spells, and pixie dust?

The truth is luck has very little to do with whether or not a post goes viral. Want to go viral? You need a strategy.

At the link below, +Tom Hunt gives a behind-the-scenes look at the viral post he wrote for +Cody McKibben. Learn how Tom went from a virtual unknown to crafting a viral guest post that's received over 6,400 shares on social media.

Check it out here:

#viralguestpost #viral #guestpost #beabetterblogger
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Time to sort your (and my?) grammar out!
Why not use a tool to help? I know I enjoy someone watching over me!

#bloggingtips #blog  #smallbusiness
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Not sure how to succeed, or how the pros do it?

Neither are they quite frankly, but you can learn a lot from the mistakes of this gem! +Andrea Beltrami 

She reveals all, and you can learn a ton!

#branding   #bloggingtips  
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12 powerful email optin tactics to boost your list

You know you could be building your list even faster! So I have made it super easy for ya!

All the optin form ideas under the sun in one post.
- easy to read and navigate
- tools to get the job done quick
- case studies to show you what works, including data and examples from some of the greats like +Brian Dean +Bryan Harris +Shane Melaugh +Thrive Themes +Marcus Sheridan  +noah kagan +Neil Patel +Andrew Warner +Adam Connell

Pin it for later too:

#bloggingtips   #emailmarketing   #wordpressplugins  
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Writing getting you down? Here are some great techniques to make yours rock

Not the standard idea generators or better blogging tips.

This (as usual) amazing piece from +CoSchedule is definitely worth a read

#bloggingtips   #writingtips  
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Don't miss the power of Pinterest
Learn how to get more and the right followers

courtesy of +Adam Connell +Katy Blevins 
Here's how to get the "right" followers on Pinterest

More followers isn't always the answer, you need the right followers.

Here's how to get started:

#pinterestfollowers   #pinteresttips  
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