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That moment when you think, "All the things around me need more RAM so I can multitask faster."
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I have 16GB in my tower at home and freaked out when a 4GB chip burned out. After I thought about it, I realized I really don't need any more than 8GB on that machine. Whatever, I'm still replacing the chip. 

i saw a mobo the other day that took 64GB of DDR3 1866 and i nearly cried looking at my 8GB DDR3 1600 :(
It's only a matter of time when android phones will come with 3GBs of RAM.
Amen, and how come when I want to get something done within the 5 min it SHOULD take, my computer(s) decide to run out of memory, have a kernel panic, or other wonderful failures.  

Never a problem when I am not in a rush.
they cant go higher than 4GB , current SoC's are 32 Bit
You people know that unless you're a gamer you don't really use more than 4GB right? 
video editing man,my system chokes on 8 with a 6 core processor sometimes
i read somewhere that after effects or premier pro likes 2GB per core
What's that phrase? "You can never have too much cpu power, ram, or storage." :D
+Ashley Esqueda   That's kind of my point, the majority of common users don't do editing or development so they don't need it.  Most of them don't know how to use things like Adobe Premiere, 3D Studio Max, or Maya.  Unless you are someone that does that your apps won't really use much more.  Those that are more technical know better and thus use it, my laptop for example uses 12 GB of DDR3 1333MHz.  In most of those cases it's the speed of the CPU and GPU that are causing the problem, not the amount of memory dedicated for multitasking.
It's never enough. My MacPro tower is a year old, running 20Gb of Ram and it still lags. Need an SSD or two, or three. 
Better yet.....
When will I be able to upgrade my own memory?
Slap a couple gigs into the noggin.....
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