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If you're ever in a bad mood, this may cheer you up. 

Goats screaming like people. Yes. 
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Just what I needed. I've been in quite the funk as of late.
That was the funniest thing I've seen all day
That is way to funny, laughed so hard l have a pain in my side!!! 
Absolutely needed this today. Literally have tears coming down my face haha. 
I watched this video 3 times today. The best. Hahaha!!
bao s
some are sheepies
:D My partner showed this to me, we were both rolling from this!
Inspiring good for mood
Best goat video I've ever seen. :D
:-)it seems most personal........??????????????
To quote the last guy from the clip: "YEAHHHH!!!! 8-D  
thanx for that..I really needed cheering up.
Brilliant! The one at 1:22 is like me in the morning.

Is auto hyperlinking times to video posts new? What a brilliant feature!
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Very funny! For all the non-brits amongst you there are there of these clips that a comedian called Russell Howard uses to emphasize shock and disbelief, always at the right moment!
I should have read the title first, I don't know what is more silly, me, or the video.
What are they yelling about? Help, Food, Water....
There's 2 and a half minutes I'll never get back.
That was funny every time my kids start pissing me off or work pissing me off I'm going to yell like that, swear to God
sometimes the goat sound like a human because there's something inside thier mouth.
I what a goat that talk like human
that really looks like a shaved sheep
lol they are like a mad goats
at first i thought it sounded by my friends on the booze
It would scare the shit out of anyone if it screamed when alone in the night.
thank you for posting.. the last one was epic, lol
I've seen one like this ) certainly it makes you cheer up )))
Just changed my entire mood for the better
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