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People, please stop sharing this, the more people know, the lesser chance i have at getting one for myself.
How long has it been since the first release?
Thanks for posting, just ordered 2! Hope I get them in time for summer :D
The bumpers are finally in stock. Took them long enough... :)
Yir Le
Alguien sabe cuando podrá estar disponer en Colombia?
Finally! That is really awesome!! 
If it was 1-2 days instead of weeks this would be a buy by me. This is ST:TWOK ya know.
UK play store has changed from "Sold Out" to "Temporarily Out Of Stock" So I assume UK stock will be incoming very shortly.

I'm very tempted.
I am tempted.  I completely can't afford it now, I don't want to bolt from my carrier and I don't NEED the damn thing!  NONE of that MATTERS because I want this phone!  :)
I could use it on TMobile and there is a new tower in my neighborhood... Nope, I don't need it.... 
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