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What a great widget. Google Now is exactly what makes Android such a fantastic OS. 
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Google Now is one of the best things in Android. And with talk of them bringing Now to Chrome makes me like it even more and one more thing that would justify buying a Chromebook
Definitely a very neat widget, would be even cooler if it did real time changes
It is great, just not for me. Google Now is largely wasted on me. I ride a bike. I don't use Google weather. Stocks are only a curiosity. Mail gets here when it gets here.
I wish all the cool stuff worked outside the US on google now. the shipping thing has never worked for me :(
Now I have to decide between this on my home screen, or all of my folders and favorites that I'm already accustomed to..

What widget is this? Or what Android version does it support?
Now all I need is Google now on my Chromebook.
I've been waiting for this, Google Now has been crying out for a widget. Like +james bricknell , I wish more of the features worked in the UK.
This is going on my Nexus 7's lockscreen.
+Eric Hansen, I don't often use Google now but it tells me how much I've cycled!
Nice wallpaper btw, I have it too!
+Marc Johlic, you could use another homescreen and just scroll to that every so often!
I love how it asks if you want to save how much time to travel to this "new place" and then you realize you go to that restaurant or coffee shop way to much...
I like it, pretty sweet having traffic to home and work right there with out having to swipe up to get it. Now where is that Google car to drive me? 
I like how it tells me how long it takes to get home. The interesting thing is that I never told it where home was.
Too bad it takes up so much real estate. 
Could anybody tell me the name of this widget please ???
Hell, I am missing as my Nexus 4 was broken, still waiting for a fix from LG.... Hell!!!!
+Hesam Esfahlani it's the Google Now widget. Update your Google Search from the Play Store and then it should show up in your list of widgets. 
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