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People keep asking me what we're doing for Valentine's Day. 

+Jimi Croker and I don't celebrate V-Day the way TV tells us to. I might go out of my way to prepare a more elaborate dinner than I normally do (maybe filet and mashed potatoes), and we might buy a card for each other. 

No ridiculous demands of jewelry, or bunches of expensive flowers, or some inane night of extravagant dinner and dancing. 

Thanks, Valentine's Day, but we'll just appreciate each other on a smaller, kinder basis every day.

I think one of the reasons our marriage is so awesome is because we don't "save up" for holidays. We just say please and thank you genuinely to each other, we listen when the other has a problem, and we respect each other. That's a gift for me, every day. 

Of course, if you want to shower your significant other (or yourself) with gifts on Thursday, that's okay, too! 

However you spend V-Day, whether it's single, or attached, or "it's complicated," may it be in a way that brings you calm, mellow contentment. 

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Well said! I think the past few years my wife and I have done Valentines day the day before or after. Part of this is because we have a sitter for the kids then, and part of this is to get away from the hype. A small amount of candy and cards for my wife and kids (twin girls) this year, and that's it.
That's the best way IMO.  I don't see why I should do something overboard for my better half simply because the greeting card companies say so.  I do nice things for her whenever and as often as I damned well please.
My wife and I despise Valentine's Day.  Jacked up flower and candy prices, stressful expectations.  We mainly remember how it felt when we were single.  Why not show you love your spouse 365 days a year?
And that's the way it should be.
Not the commercial way those people want it to be :D
I agree with that, everyday should be a day of you showing that you love her.
My wife made reservations at White Castle for table side service, I'm a lucky man.
+DeAno Jackson that sucks you do not have them where you are. It is the one day of the year they have table cloths and take your order table side. its fun.
+Jonathan Brown That sounds awesome!  That's about the only thing I miss about being back East; my brothers and I would always go to White Castle and make them mad by ordering like 80 sliders.  *sighs* Memories....
Cannot +1 this enough. You just described how we deal with this holiday in my marriage. Love and appreciate each other the same every day :)
+james bricknell Don't worry, I'll be doing the same, so in a way, you'll have company ;-)

(in reality, it just feels like that you will, I think if we be open to people and wait, they'll come across some day)
My wife and I will be celebrating Valentines with a plate of sweet FA.
My wife and I are celebrating Valentine's Day with a new bathroom.  Seriously, we're renovating the bathroom.   Romantic, huh?  :) 
Brilliant post. That's how we view all holidays. Treat each day together like it's a holiday, and you'll be much happier.
It's how we roll too..My wife wanted 100 sleepy time tea K Cups so I got Em..she then surprised me with a new side panel for my Corsair 600TM...Fuck hallmark holidays...
Everyday is Valentine's day. I hate that stupid holiday. I appreciate and adore my wife every waking moment she draws breath. It's been that way for 26 years and shall go on through the afterlife. :) 'nuff said. 
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