People keep asking me what we're doing for Valentine's Day. 

+Jimi Croker and I don't celebrate V-Day the way TV tells us to. I might go out of my way to prepare a more elaborate dinner than I normally do (maybe filet and mashed potatoes), and we might buy a card for each other. 

No ridiculous demands of jewelry, or bunches of expensive flowers, or some inane night of extravagant dinner and dancing. 

Thanks, Valentine's Day, but we'll just appreciate each other on a smaller, kinder basis every day.

I think one of the reasons our marriage is so awesome is because we don't "save up" for holidays. We just say please and thank you genuinely to each other, we listen when the other has a problem, and we respect each other. That's a gift for me, every day. 

Of course, if you want to shower your significant other (or yourself) with gifts on Thursday, that's okay, too! 

However you spend V-Day, whether it's single, or attached, or "it's complicated," may it be in a way that brings you calm, mellow contentment. 

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