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Add your guest ideas! Tag them if they use G+, too!
Listen up! 

Got guest suggestions? TELL US! No guest is too big, no guest is too small. Just tell us who you want to hear on the podcast, and we'll do our best to make it happen! Bonus points if you can get us a famous person~
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I second Neil de Grasse Tyson, I had physics chats with him before.  Very interesting astrophysicist to talk to.  He has his own podcast called Star Talk so I'm sure he'd be up for it.  I'll ask him about it, but you guys should contact him as well.  Here's his twitter btw :)
Since you guys are all about tech and Android you should try to get the You Tube celebrity +Nixie Pixel to come on the podcast.  She is a huge supporter of Linux and the Open Source community.
If you want to have a night about social networks then I know two very talented ladies who are both presidents of their on social networking companies.  One of them was also nominated tech woman of the year last year.   +Katy Lynch of +SocialKaty and +Mana Ionescu of +Lightspan Digital Both ladies reside in Chicago.
Okay I'm done spamming now.. I didn't realize I know so many different tech people  Got to love networking :)
One more... +Bonnie Burton .  Like Nixie she also works at Revision3.  She used to work for LucasFilm so I'm sure she would appeal to the Star Wars crowd.
+Ashley Esqueda you know what, through Cliff Bleszinski I got in touch with Tom Hall today.  He's the guy who cofounded a little company called Id Software... You know... Commander Keen Wolfenstien, Doom.

He actually has a kickstarter project that he is trying to promote so non programming developers can make their own indie games.  I bet he would be perfect for your show.  He's extremely famous.  I'll ask him about it..  I'd ask CliffyB, but I don't know if he'd be able to or not right now.
If you get a truly big guest you should do a remote podcast from My Butt.
+John Moraski He is doing a lot to help promote "the next big thing" in music through music education.  He's got an interesting story to tell about being a musician as well.  :)
+Ashley Esqueda Tom Hall will do it !!!
Anyhow I connected you guys through Twitter so you can make arrangements directly with him. :)
You should talk to Westhavenbrook, they just finished the action series short +Battle Jitni director +John Soares loves doing creative interviews.
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