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Now everyone's gonna go to My Butt. It won't be exclusive any more. 


(Thanks, +Emily Price!)
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+Gerry Lee Rozelle I know, right? I was really hoping to keep My Butt off the map for as long as possible. Now everyone knows how to get there. 
I could've done without them sticking a pin in My Butt.
oh the sophomoric humor +Ashley Esqueda  sheeeeeeez!!
what grade are we in?
(and the worst part is that i love it, hahahaha)
Maybe the person asked Siri where all the Apple SHIT comes from...
  Tim Cook's ass would be an appropriate response ;)
Didn't 3rd party hardware manufacturers test the APP.
LOL, no 3rd manufacturers.
How in hell did that happen. Didn't they test the software? 
I hope My Butt gets featured on the Travel Channel.
I just hope no one asks me what My Butt was doing in the Tenderloin district! 
I guess I'm a little behind the news cause I've never seen this making the rounds before...
Empty parking lot? I think I might make a trip to go dance in My Butt.
My Butt has some great reviews on Yelp.
I hear lots of good things about My Butt. However you shouldn't dine there if you happen to be on a GLUTEn-free diet.
Okay guys, that's enough. Think of how horrible Apple feel being the butt of all jokes...
I never thought I'd get a good reason to say this, so here goes. Where the h*ll is My Butt? 
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