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So... am I allowed to start a Kickstarter to buy this for my house? ^_^

BECAUSE IT'S AWESOME. (Srsly. Next paycheck and I am so in on this thing.)
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+Mike Boycourt I'm positive that's going to be a background for a future set if I buy it. Have to ask the spousal unit, though.
+Ashley Esqueda I think we should incorporate it into any photoshoot we might come up with in the future somehow.
The only thing that would make this better is if he was eating poptarts and shitting rainbows.
+Darren James NOWAI. That thing would IMMEDIATELY become a set piece for my videos when I got my new office set up.
Lmao!! Is that a painting of Mother Teresa next to "Unicorn Dude"?
hey thats a little bit weird ( not for paint but for the real live ) jajaja
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