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This is really, really scary. And really, really funny. 

[Clarification, since apparently people seem to think I'm laughing at the fact that dialup still exists: Yes, thank you, I'm fully aware there are places that don't have access to anything else. I believe the thing that's nuts to me is the number attached to AOL's dial up business. Sheesh, people. Sometimes I'm amazed at how boneheaded you think I am, as inferred via your explanations.]
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I know alot of people still using Dial-up.  My house is at the maximum distance for DSL from the phone company substation, so I barely make that, and there is no cable where I am at.  The only other option is using a satellite which is so overpriced it hurts.
my dad has comcast at the house but he still uses aol as his main email not sure how much he is paying for it.
Rural and mountainous terrains

Oh. It's bgr. 
I didn't know they still existed.
I know that there's dialup -- I'm more shocked that anybody trusts AOL to provide it. 
I believe AOL is where I first learned that microwaved cds sparkle! (Just remember, 4 seconds max.)
There are still areas in the usa that does not provide broadband Internet, and dial-up is the only choice.  It's unfortunate, but true.  Even though in most of those places, a satellite Internet is possible, the equipment is relatively expensive.
wow !  I had AOL starting with 3.0 to 9.0.....good times.....good times...
Painful just thinking about using dial up again. 
My folks have Mediacom WiFi, yet my sister, for some reason I cannot fathom, pays to keep her mindspring email address. 
I totally forgot about dial up! Can't believe that's still a thing... But let's get real, you can't surf the web with dial up anymore! It got way to big to fit through a 56k modem :-D
Or are we talking about 64k?
Dial-up access used to be included as a backup with broadband access. That way, you could still access the internet even when the cable went out... or if you were in a remote location without wifi. That is just one of the things that has disappeared in the modern Internet era. You used to also receive a small amount of space on the server for hosting your own webpages. That's gone, too. We laugh about dial-up, but I miss it.
Rural people might not have access to cable dsl or fiber networks
+Michael Panzer lte sucks here, Verizon has the most coverage but I don't think even they reach into middle of nowhere, America
Well yeah, because AOL still serves remote areas using simple tech. Not every area has high speed access and infrastructure is not a popular expenditure.
And if you don't believe me on the infrastructure bit, take a look at the roads and highways around you. We ALL depend on them but NO ONE wants to pay to keep them serviceable. 
Not surprised at all, the US is like a 3rd world country when it comes to broadband. +Nathan Daniels Heh you're absolutely correct about  satellite, that's all I can get  $80/month for 12Mbps down 3 up, 15GB cap. Its that or dail up. I can't help but laugh a little when I hear people complain about cable/DSL.   
One of my professors still uses an AOL email address.
I remember going to a petrol station and when I had to pay the man's wife had to get off the phone to allow the card transaction to go through. "You have mail" sounded before I could pay
I had my Compuserve account years after it had any value to me any longer. I don't remember now if I cancelled it before or after AOL bought Compuserve.  It didn't cost much per month and I just kept ignoring the monthly cost.
Jose L.
Why isn't dial-up free yet? It's not like we're all running on DOS anymore.
Funny thing is my mother was still paying $25/mo for this service even though she has had cable internet for years. When I asked her why she still paid for it she said she didn't want to loose her email address. I promptly called AOL and cancelled her dialup service and saving her email address on AOL's free service. Saving her the $25/mo made her very pleased.
I just read that story on Keyword TechFoolery. OK back to my chat room.
+Mike Barker funny, same thing happened with a older coworker. I was amazed when she told me she was paying $25 because she didn't want to loose her AOL email.
And I thought my 3mbs connection is slow 
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