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I might honestly be obsessed with every product +Sonos has released. 

That new Playbar is freaking amazing. 

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Strange enough, I've yet to be impressed with their stuff. More of A Bose man, myself. 
You would love my place. Sonos everywhere (in use right now, in fact).
+Joshua Muñoz My brother has their soundbar, that thing is a masterpiece.

Is Sonos really known for creating amazing sound? I've heard their stuff before and can't say I'm amazed by the fidelity. But the idea of how easy they make connecting audio in the house it nice. But is it worth the price? I have a Samsung soundbar, which has Bluetooth capability. Allows me to wirelessly play ANY audio source from my tablet/phone/whatever with Bluetooth  Not limited to specific music streaming options. I paid 1/3 what that Sonos bar will cost me. Not sure I'd pay the other 2/3rds for a few extra speakers. (No sub? hmm) I'll have to wait and see if my Sonos obsessed friends pick one up. haha
Matt S
Seriously, is the Sonos sound bar worth the money?  Looking into getting some type of sound bar and this one is being hyped pretty hard.
I love their products... Just sooo expensive 
Yeah, they look so good, but considering the expenses of the young man sharing my profile pic, I just can't AFFORD them!!!
Sonos....the Apple of audio....haha
Just bought a Connect and Bridge to hook my old home theater receiver and speakers to the interwebz and my music collection on a network drive. Setup was a bit wonky for me but now that it's working it's gold, Jerry! Gold!
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