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And another +G4TV hands-on of mine, for a device I got to play with at CES: The +Razer Edge!
The Razer’s Edge tablet blew away both consumers and journalists at this year’s CES, and we got a little time with it in all its varying form factors, leaving impressed by its ability...
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Not sure why you'd want to run Ubuntu.  I'm a lover of Linux, but gaming is one thing Linux developers haven't really adopted well.  Since this device is primarily for portable gaming it would not do well in Linux.
+Michael Gonzalez surely you have noticed the huge moves some of the big gaming companies are making toward Linux support!  Valve, for example, has just released an open beta for their Linux Steam client, and users are raving about how well it works.  Also, the new Steam gaming console is in the works, expected to be released this year ... and it sports a Linux OS.  Add to this the recent rapid development Linux versions of other productivity software, and I'd say the prospects of imminent usability of Linux on a piece of hardware like this are looking pretty good :D

Besides which, all of my computers at home run Linux ... it's what I am familiar with ... putting Ubuntu on hardware like this would simply make it much more familiar (and thus useful) to me.
+Michael Gonzalez Cool beans.  Yeah, I am pretty stoked about the recent developments.  I am firmly convinced that Linux has finally made large enough inroads into being noticed by the big developers that we can expect more awesomeness in the very near future.  :D
A thousand bucks? Accessories extra? Ouch!
Here's a neat little trick, with the Razer Hydra you can keymap the controls to the Dolphin emulator and use it to play Wii games on your PC.

Here is an example of someone using it to play the Wii...
Razer Hydra 2 Dolphin Guide
+Michael Ireland Hey check out my friend's review of Steam on Linux.  It's not bad, so far the beta looks just like the normal version.  The only downside is it currently supports only 60 games.  Still though in time it will be most like the number one service for Linux gaming.

Full Review of Valve's Linux Steam Beta
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