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Anyone willing to help out Techfoolery's most awesome co-host +james bricknell in this solemn pursuit? 
Hey guys 

My friends Uncle is sadly dying from cancer. It looks like he wont last much longer and they have been trying to locate his youngest brother.

I'm wondering if anyone out there who' google fu is strong might be able to help me

the only info i have is 
Name: Stuart Harvey Mills
Born: Tamworth staffordshire 1969
Living in Gosport UK circa 1994/95
May have a criminal record.

It isnt much to go on and if you guys think it impossible let me know but i thought i would ask
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I used to skip-trace people for a living, but that's here in the US.  I'm not sure how much help I'll be, but I'll try.
There are sites you can pay $40 for lookups.  Police use them all the time to find criminals.  I'll get you the info...
Joe T
James I'm very sorry to hear your friend is ill. While I cannot help you locating his family member, I am praying for him.
oh am really sorry to hear this sad news but all the same, i will be praying for him.
Just b'lieve God is able 2 heal, and he 'll definiatly heal him in Jesus name.
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