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When your agent tells you to get back on Instagram as part of your brand strategy:
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Tears of laughter?

Worst case, just edit through Snapseed, post without filters and say "edited with Snapseed"
Hop on that as soon as said agent gets you a gig on CBSNBCABCESPNCNN.... 
True story. I keep looking at it but don't want to get into it. My company seems to think its the next big thing. :(
Who wouldn't want to upload pictures to be critiqued with all the everlasting wisdom of teens?
 Instagram, What's that?  Isn't that an app that IPhone users use to mutilate a perfectly good pic of themselves pouting in a bathroom?  
It would take at least 2 Kardashians to even start to make one of you +Ashley Esqueda! Literally, you're freak'n tall and they are very short, unless it's Khloe.  ;)

I think you need to leak out a sex tape.
Intstagram all the things!!

I guess..
I really hate the things people do to photos with Instagram. Makes every photo look like a mistake.  I realize I'm in the minority on my opinion, given the popularity of Instagram.
+Joe Vargas It's not about finding a new upstart service, though. It's about having a presence on the one with the powerful userbase. 
Yeah.. and if everyone jumped off a bridge, would you too? What's wrong with owning your own photos on your own infrastructure?

Ashley, be different. Be weird. Be your own little snowflake and people will love you for that.
+Jeff Welch Yeah, I kinda was thinking about that. Still won't make me want to have anything to do, ever, with Facebook/Instagram.
I think The Esqueda Channel might be on to something.  Do the kinds of videos you were doing with G4 and Tecca but do them on a YouTube channel with YOUR brand.
Remember: Anything posted on Instagram becomes property of Instagram/Facebook.
For real Instagram is fun... yea its dorky but its not overly social like facebook crying.. its not overly techy and newsy like G+.. its just harmless pics.. G4 should have put up Hulu or Youtube Chanel

Only think I could think of it is, the agent might want Ashley to get new fans. The follow up question or the rub is, will existing fans think she is a sell out? (my answer wgaf, I'd rather keep reading her stuff than worry about selling out)

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