When I post things like that +LockerGnome article, I don't think you guys understand my intent. I want to be clear on this:

Last week, I ordered an iPhone 5 as a second line. And I was ridiculed, berated, called an "iWhore," told they hoped for my DEATH or threatened me with bodily harm. Over a cell phone. 

I'm not attending the Android BBQ this year because of it. Which bums me out, because I kind of wanted to see my friends there. But I'm not going to risk being assaulted, because I work in technology. 

It shocks and upsets me that a community I've always championed would treat a member of it so cruelly.

The fact of the matter is this: When I bought my HTC EVO LTE (or my SGS2, or my EVO4G, or my SGS3, or my Nexus 7, or my Galaxy Tab 10.1), I didn't get a single comment from the iOS community with those kinds of comments. No Apple Genius said "u r a TRATOR" or "ur the dumbest bitch ever." It was radio silence. Apple fanboys might be smug, or sanctimonious, or whatever else you might want to call them -- but the one thing they they AREN'T are the kinds of people who are sending me messages like the ones I've gotten in the past week.

As much as anyone out there might read this post and think, "I didn't do those things, so I have no responsibility to stop others from doing so," I've seen it encouraged and amplified to the point of insanity. 

Civil discourse is great. Criticism is great. Sociopathy over some circuit boards and tiny screens is not great. 

And no, I'm not opening comments on this, because I don't feel like being verbally abused by some of you today.
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