Today at NAMM, I walked around the microphone area, as I'm in the market for a new podcast mic (and potentially a shotgun mic for location shoots).  

I'm always amazed at how I'm treated in some of these booths. 

Tascam didn't bother to ask my anything about what I do, and I was treated like a complete idiot. "Oh, you probably want to look at the iPhone microphones over here, these are for pro recording."

Sennheiser took one look at me, and decided I was not worth their time. I hovered around for a while, just in case, but after noticing 4 booth guys all talking to each other about the Super Bowl after TWO of them clearly saw me and turned away as if they didn't, it was pretty apparent I was not their target demographic.

Even though I was closely eyeing the UR5 (which is $1599 MSRP), the Shure booth also didn't bother to talk to me at all, aside from a lady who took long enough to ask me, "Hi, how's your show going?" before walking away and leaving me alone. Again, nobody bothered to talk to me, or ask me what I did for a living to gauge what products I would be suited for.

The only booth today that took the time to ask me questions, show me product, and generally be kind and helpful?


So, thanks, Blue. I'll be buying at least one high quality microphone from you in the near future because of your excellent customer service at your NAMM booth today! 
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