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Today at NAMM, I walked around the microphone area, as I'm in the market for a new podcast mic (and potentially a shotgun mic for location shoots).  

I'm always amazed at how I'm treated in some of these booths. 

Tascam didn't bother to ask my anything about what I do, and I was treated like a complete idiot. "Oh, you probably want to look at the iPhone microphones over here, these are for pro recording."

Sennheiser took one look at me, and decided I was not worth their time. I hovered around for a while, just in case, but after noticing 4 booth guys all talking to each other about the Super Bowl after TWO of them clearly saw me and turned away as if they didn't, it was pretty apparent I was not their target demographic.

Even though I was closely eyeing the UR5 (which is $1599 MSRP), the Shure booth also didn't bother to talk to me at all, aside from a lady who took long enough to ask me, "Hi, how's your show going?" before walking away and leaving me alone. Again, nobody bothered to talk to me, or ask me what I did for a living to gauge what products I would be suited for.

The only booth today that took the time to ask me questions, show me product, and generally be kind and helpful?


So, thanks, Blue. I'll be buying at least one high quality microphone from you in the near future because of your excellent customer service at your NAMM booth today! 
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Good grief, folks.  (That said, the Apogee One looks very tempting for what it does)
+Jon Fingas I think I was most offended by Tascam. When that dude said that, I replied, "Um... I own my own production company?" 

He just blinked at me, as if I had told him I was a robot from the planet Xylrox, coming to take him into space. 
its like when you go to best buy and really want help and nobody asks you if they can help...
+Ashley Esqueda Guessing audio engineering is even more of a sausagefest than other tech industries.  Also, note to self: set future sci-fi movie on the planet Xylrox.
So a whole bunch of guys at numerous booths basically ignored you? Number one, I'd release every one of them for turning down a customer. If you're in sales your target demographic is everyone who is paying. Always.

Second, idiots. I have nothing else. ;-) 
Do microphone salespeople have some subconscious Freudian associations about microphones?
I bet if you grabbed a mic from Tascam and ran like hell, you'd get all kinds of attention. 
I've seen this happen, especially in automotive parts stores.  Disgusting.  Please don't judge all men by the cretins who act like this.
Customer service is sadly lacking these days. I don't understand why working a trade show these clowns felt like it was too difficult to to talk to someone about their products. You know, do their jobs. 
To be fair, it'd be like if a model walked in to apply for a job as a janitor
It's not merely poor customer service, +Walter Pavlik II; it's sexist attitudes that some men hold toward women in technology or other "man" areas.  Disgusting.
+Knuckles Goldberg If a model walked in asking to be a janitor I'd hire her if she could do it and was needed.

Sexist reason: She's hot.

Sensible reason: She's looking for work, I'm looking to hire, and if she has the looks of a true model but wants to be a janitor she must really want/need the position.

+Wallace Roberts Yap. I do get pretty tired of the whole, "you're too pretty to be interested in this kind of thing, don't you have some makeup to buy or something" attitude from time to time. 
Glad to see that stereotypes are still alive and well amongst the stupid.
+Jason Miller I'm not saying its right but even I'd do a double take on that one

I don't really know this industry but it's pretty stupid to ignore anyone at a booth show where you're there to sell stuff 
Lol man I would say I'm surprised that you were treated this way but it happens to me a lot guys kinda blank out when they hear me talk about technology or sports sometimes I get the smile a second later and we usually end up having a great conversation but I get it I don't look like I read tech blogs every morning or play skyrim every night ... +Ashley Esqueda I think were just cool geeks in bad ass clothing we fool you guys all the time 
+Ashley Esqueda Keep fighting the good fight. Don't give up (not that I think you will). I'm so glad that you are out there showing that you can be talented, smart AND beautiful. It's a good role model for young women all over. I am proud to point out successful women like you to my daughters to show them they can do anything they want and its cool to smash stereotypes.
As a former music retail guy, the entire music retail industry is extremely unfriendly to women. I ran the guitar department at Manny's Music for years and I used to have stop guys in my department from either talking down to or hitting on the women that came in. I had two female drummer friends that I used to get drum sticks for because they would either get hit on or ignored if they came in. Guess what? Slightly more than 50% of instrument buyers are women - this industry needs to grow up and treat women with respect. 
this is so embarrassing to read and those +SennheiserUSA and Tascam guys should definitely reconsider their job. +Ashley Esqueda let me know about your choice because I am also looking for a new podcast mic
I'd say this was sad, but I've never had a booth contact at a show who was interested in anything but getting contact info so they could dun me later for sales calls, then move on to the next warm body.  I'm glad you found at least one vendor willing to talk to you.
Maxx D
When my wife was shopping for a replacement stereo for her car, the salesidiot basically refused to look at her (well, her face, anyway) and kept directing comments towards me.

I finally just pointed at one of the stereos and exclaimed, "THIS one has DOLPHINS!" At that point, he finally started talking directly to her.
And we will talk about this on +Techfoolery and literally 10s of people will be influenced to not buy their products.. 
Well I bet they will be listening now +Ashley Esqueda now that you have called them out on it! How dare them ignore a person with deep knowledge and appreciation of Tech! Good for Blue! Promote them well!! 
Can't say I'm surprised. Booth/store salespeople are generally all the same. They'll quickly gauge you up along the rules of some stereotype, then treat you based on that. That's just how people are - it's not something specifically related to sexism.

The bank treats me like a bum when I wear jeans and an old shirt. Camera stores won't sell me expensive "pro" lenses, because what could I possible want with that ? The Apple store won't sell me their most expensive Air model because it's expensive (seriously, what ?). Salespeople everywhere will lie to your face about a great deal of things, because they think you won't know better anyway.

Face it. Balanced intelligent people generally just don't work $10/hour sales jobs. While up until a short while ago I went out of my way to buy expensive things at local stores instead of ordering them online, I've just given up on salespeople altogether. I'll order it online from a retailer I can trust will shut up and take my money.
Just out of curiosity? You brushed your teeth right? ..and showered... cause if you did then they were wrong... 
Really surprised the +Shure people were like that. I have met numerous employees of theirs and they have always been pleasant to anyone who showed a spark of interest. They should send you a free Mic because of this. 
Hate this behavior. My wife and I often are switched from traditional roles, thus always have the sales person talking to the wrong person. Any jerk that doesn't get it, we walk away from and the dumb business looses out.
+Ashley Esqueda do you see any hardware or software compatable with or based on Android? or is iOS completely dominating.
I know IK Multimedia announced some of its iRig products were Android compatible and they'll  have an app in the Play Store soon.
Time for a new Video Channel +Ashley Esqueda Rants! I've often thought most of the trade shows were a waste of money, after hearing all the after stories. Rip them a new one Ashley!
+Andre Brown I haven't had too much time to really dive into mobile mics here at NAMM, but I can say that it's quite a bit harder to make product for so many different hardware setups, as opposed to the iPhone's two standards, especially for microphones or other production equipment!
Hate to say it, but are you really surprised? People in retail generally hate themselves and everything they stand for. They work for a meager paycheck and look to get out of work any way possible.  (and again, I just demonstrated the stereotype against retail people!)
+Ashley Esqueda I understand exactly your surprise, and a little out rage. You are right, you are not dealing with someone at Best Buy or Radio Shack. You are dealing with people with in the company like you said at the corporate level. So if you dropping 1500 bucks on their products, at the very least you can pretend to be PROFESSIONAL.
That was totally unprofessional indeed :-( Shame on them. Worst thing is they show this kind of behaviour despite being brainwashed every year by mandatory "customer care" and "equal opportunity" trainings from their corporations (most do those, right?). Their employer should definitely revisit these topics.

I usually play dumb when I need some little thing from computer or electronics store real fast. It speed things up a little, getting something I need instead of arguing with salesperson that they are incorrect about something (oooh the BS they say sometimes, I have to seriously bite my toungue, I am that kind of person!).
O course Blue did. Great company with great employees. 
Think someone owes you a free mic as an act of repentance 
+Ashley Esqueda , one other bit of advice, just give in and play the ignorant blond when they treat you like that, pick up the mic and say " well, he he, like i think my like, boyfriend, would like this, (throw hair) then maybe he wouldn't.... be... so mad at me, then they would look up and start paying attention..(cause they think they can land a date), start crying softly, when they start asking you if your are alright or pat you on the shoulder .... you just start crying crazy.....pause... then drop that mic like Jay-Z... and walk off... ???
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