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My last official #sgblogger  London blog! A tale of tragedy, good deeds, and triumph.

Please read it and share it, if you thought it was a good story! And if you hate it, well, share it anyway~ 

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Do you get to hang around in London for the rest of the Olympics, or have to head back?
Nah, gotta head back to the USA -- other bloggers coming in, and I have to get back to work!
Now that's a story I'm going to repeat. It almost sounds like a fable we tell our kids. 'Good things happen to people who are nice!'
What a great example of the spirit of the Olympic games!
I hope that you got to see enough of the city, and strolled Tottenham Court road where all the tech shops are, as well as some of the finer parts, like in your Harrods blog. 
You did a wonderful thing for that couple and that was great in the end you got to see Misty & Kerri!

You're a very generous person and this trip def sounded like the trip of a lifetime!

Can't wait to see ya back on the Monday Brief!! 
Incredible story. It was incredibly generous what you did for the couple wanting to watch Great Britain play. Kindness begets kindness. I'm so glad you got to see Team USA play Volleyball.
+Ashley Esqueda That was such a generous act. Thanks for sharing it.  I could tell that you felt good after giving your ticket away. And then of course the bonus - you got another ticket and someone else felt good about being generous.
Hope you're enjoying the UK, would you come back again?
Fun stories each and every one!  I know you've had a blast!!!
Im sorry u have
Me spechless with ur beauty .u know something keep dojng gold deeds decause its who u r.i know becaiuse im the same way beleive me its being noticed and u.v heard thesayimg gpd dont like ugly
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