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Aaaaand Jennifer Lawrence just became my favorite actress of all time. 
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I wished I looked my John Stamos, just so I could stand a chance with her. Beautiful woman. 
Haters gonna hate. And IF she did sleep around, good for her. She's a good egg.
hahahahaha.... GREAT!
In a world where women like the Kardashians, Hilton's, the stars of Teen Mom are famous strictly for dressing and acting like prostitutes, I say so what if she did sleep around to get in? It obviously isn't weighing on her mind, and she's gotten famous based on being talented on the screen. I swear I sometimes wonder who treats women worse, men, or other women.
Awww, Kevin Moses just made it easy to pinpoint who to block today. 
He commented on my post as well.  "Class" is highly overrated.  Give me a woman who's comfortable in her own skin and not be afraid to be herself over some fake-ass 'classy' woman anyday.
I just really don't like it when someone refers to a woman like he did. 

Or, I guess, to paraphrase his own words, "Bitch didn't like it when I called her girl bitch."
I always thought Google+ had more class than say, Facebook. Guess Kevin proved me wrong.
Nice to see she has a leveled head about everything.
i didnt know there was a actress named jennifer lawrence
I'd marry her.

Judgy people in this thread....should be ashamed.

Just shows she is real. I'll trust someone that flips me off faster then someone who kisses my ass. If I became famous there would be a lot of cussing and fingers flying! 
I guess I should stop referring to her as "that chick from Hunger Games".
+Linh Nguyen From a friend who was in the press room:

"She was goofing off and flipped off the press room for kicks. Everyone laughed!"
Good taste, Ashley. I found myself even more charmed by her after last night's events. In all the interviews I've read she seems super down to earth. I wish her much success. Hollyweird needs more real people.
She is really pritty but their again so are all the other young ladies on this thread 
mmm...Respect!!! She loves...she done...!!! Respect to this young girl!!! She loves life...!!!! BRABO!!!
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