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Genuinely moved by the +Techfoolery site numbers from January (I checked in today to see how the new launch did). 

Honestly, it got dusty in here. 

It's a dream come true for me to create something that makes other people laugh.  

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 
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Its a great show! I even left a voice mail this week! It's kinda like a morning talk show but for adults. I think it will only get more popular! 
Your cupcake photo or whatever it was definitely increased my traffic. ;p
Joe T
I really love the show and you and +james bricknell have a great chemistry. Technology, Swearing and Weird shit! The perfect mix! Keep it going +Techfoolery 
Oh, and Cryo-Steve hit it out of the park this week. Well worth the wait.
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