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I'm not usually a fan of skins, but this is impressive. And considering Android tablets STILL don't really have an amazing UI... it's worth taking a look at. These guys worked on the PlayBook UI (which is admittedly lovely).

Check out the demo video.
Chameleon is an Android Tablet Home Screen that changes to fit your lifestyle. Always relevant. Immediately valuable.
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Because the iOS home screen is so amazing?
I am guessing it does not have to be rooted to use it. I hope they get it to work with a large types of tablets.
+Ben Tusa I have lots of thoughts about iPad vs. Android tablets, far too much to type out, but I will say this: I do not believe the iPad and Android tablets are for the same things.

iPad: Media Consumption (Gaming, Movies)
Android: Productivity

That's not to say there isn't crossover. But I have very strong opinions about it, which many people disagree with. iOS does what it needs to do, and no more. This is crafted specifically for productivity in mind, not consumption.
+Ben Tusa Icon Grids is the most amazing invention of mankind.

In the meantime you can always take a look at this people : Transformer Prime Hubs sure chameleon looks much more complete but hubs is available now.
Looks awesome, in fact I like the idea so much that I wanna have it!
Yeah... go launcher is cool, like bow ties :P
Finally, what a home screen should look like!
It kinda feels cluttered though from the video, but definitely the home screens on the tablet devices are under unitized. You cant even get a weather widget or appointments on these screens.

This chameleon project looks rather interesting. I have always believed that android is an OS that is centered around content not Apps, while iOS is an App centric OS and thats why such an experience is possible with Android.
Very nice...too bad you have to be running 3.2....
+Ajaneesh Rajashekharaiah careful, Apple has already done so. In fact, they are probably going to sue you for mentioning the patent that they patented their patent about ;)
Looks good.
I hope they include my Gnote
It is a nice idea, but I think it could be replaced with a re-sizable widgets for standard home-screen, and more standardized Android UX design guidelines. I am not a fan of skins either, but if HTC sense was shipped with devices of every other manufacturers, the android itself would be on much better voice and we would not even look for home screen replacement. As far as I have heard, nobody replaces Sense launcher with any other.
Artie C
Need to have this as a launcher/home screen replacement for android phones as well :) 
Do Not Want

"Chameleon Home Screens can be set up based on GPS locations, WiFi networks and time ranges, allowing you to define which Home Screen is the most relevant for the situation. Patent Pending "

Software patents are evil. Period. This can not stand.
Quick Apple! Go find a patent to kill this!
For the last six years my Mac laptop has been switching Bluetooth on and off and tweaking proxy settings, depending on my SSID and network location, using a script I wrote that I called "". I was going to turn it into an applet, but someone pointed out a couple of commercial products that already did the same thing, so I didn't bother. It never occurred to me that such an obvious idea deserved a patent.

It's a little over 100 lines of shell script, including hooks for Growl.

The patent system is broken.
This is the first time I've wanted to own an android tablet.
Just pledged 5$ :) thank you for showing me this awesome project!
Absolutely rediculous... people do this for free, not $50,000 in pledges and then release a paid app. Fuck those guys. They are in it for money, not the betterment of the OS. I could whip up something like that in a few weeks.
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
I just backed them earlier today, glad to see their getting some traction in mind-share :)
+B Gallagher Yes, clearly. That's why Apple holds such a small part of the tablet market.

Also, I'm a technophile, and I own both an iPad and a GTab 10.1.
Larger market means better marketing not better product. More people have sedans than racecars but racecara clearly are the better performer
+Scott Rosenberg I have no interest in it. I have more important things to do with my time. I would, however, like to point out that they are asking foe money to make this and in the end they will be compensated again. This kick starter is a double-dipping project.

This is not worth supporting. Kick starter is for projects which would never come to market without supporters. This project could come to market within a week of after-work coding. I've done larger scale projects in the past.

If you are interested, wait for it to come to the market. Its not a just cause to support. Kick starter is for raising money to support projects. .. if people abuse it like this, in the future when some of my ideas require supporters, kick starter will have a reputation for being a ripoff.
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