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Honestly got a little choked up watching Game of Thrones tonight~

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Ashley Esqueda

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My favorite track on Like Clockwork~
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If I Had A Tail is the best one IMO.
Josh Homme+Japan= Wholesome Family fun.
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Haha, Google+ got REALLY mad when I decided to respond to every person who wished me happy birthday -- they locked down my posts! Still trying to figure out when it'll let me start thanking people again, but I'm working on it. :) 
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Could that be jealousy thing +Ashley Esqueda ?  
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Ashley Esqueda

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M8 is officially my work phone. Looking forward to using such a beautiful device~
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+Godwin Kanongovere Maybe I'll snap some pics this week around town and post em in an album!
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Google+ glitched out and accepted a bunch of Hangout requests for me. I don't want to block people to stop the messages, just disallow them from contacting. Is there a way to do that? 
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Happy Birthday :) (Y)
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Ashley Esqueda

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Watch us usher in the next HTC flagship at CNET!
HTC will launch its newest flagship phone during an event in Manhattan.
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I want it. Going to trade my current one towards it. 
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Ashley Esqueda

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Jessica is a phone reviewing/comparing badass. You should read this. 
The new HTC One rustles up an impressive list of hardware features and a slick new software shell. So far, the 'M8' stands strong against its influential rivals.
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+David O'Neil
The htc one was praised because it has a build quality that only htc has provided. Besides the camera, the interface and usability, in my opinion, is better than that of the s5. Specs are no longer a deciding factor my friend. 
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Okay. So, I decided this morning to individually post and thank everyone who sent a birthday wish to me (you took the time to post, I figure it's only fair to write back, and I had a little time today). 

About 20 minutes into responding to the pictures, questions, and happy birthdays, Google+ stopped me! Apparently, I posted too much to too many people too quickly, and G+ thought I was a spammer. 

I could not possibly leave you ladies and gents out in the cold, without a response! It would be rude of me to start and not finish my thank you messages. So I went back through the entire list of messages, and circled all 422 of you who didn't get a personal response. 

Sorry I couldn't post to your individual messages, but I saw every picture and every kind message. I really, really appreciate it! 

To everyone who hoped I had a great day, I did! Spent my birthday with my family, and that was fantastic. :)

To everyone who sent pictures of cake, celebrations, and other fun birthday stuff, it was all awesome! Thank you so much for adding it to your post. 

To everyone who asked how CNET is going, it's going wonderful! I'm very busy, but enjoying every second of the new job. 

To all my #techfools , APIYH~

To +Shawn Kurschner, G+ cut me off as I was replying to your message! Sorry about that. I promise I didn't just run off in the middle of our conversation. 

And finally, to +Thomas Ashworth, Happy Birthday to you, too, birthday twin!

(I think I'll make this post public, in addition to tagging those folks I circled, just in case someone's post didn't populate in my birthday feed!)
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happy birth day though am late
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Ashley Esqueda

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Did you miss me on the CNET Livestream for the HTC One M8 Event this week? Don't worry. I got you covered!

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Ashley Esqueda

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Had an absolutely fabulous time at CNET this week meeting all my new colleagues! Love this job already. :)
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Whoa, that was fast!
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Plasma Cat Media is a fantastic pro recording company -- I was in London for the 2012 Olympic Games, and needed some interviews from locals and other footage for my stint as a Samsung Global Blogger. Sam was extremely helpful, and showed up with every bit of equipment we needed for a great look AND sound. If you're looking for a production company to take your video to a professional level, PCM is a great place to hire. You won't be disappointed... and their rates are competitive, too!
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The people working for Plasma Cat Media are top notch professionals when it comes to video production services. From pre-production planning to post-production editing, they're nothing but helpful, knowledgable people looking to make your event or shoot a reality. Some companies wanted to charge me thousands more for one particular production, but PCM worked with my budget to create a plan that was realistic and fair to all parties involved. Honestly, if you're looking for a really great full service production company, PCM does the job (and well)!
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