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Ashley Cooper
Speaker, Artist, Writer
Speaker, Artist, Writer

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Whatever it is your heart desires holds the key to your magic within. When we follow our bliss the path to our dreams unfolds before us.

Learn my top 4 tips for creating a life of magic in my latest blog!

Link in bio XOXO

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I spent so many years wondering what was wrong with me. Only to find after years of soul searching that I was always whole & complete. That I didnt have to BE anything other than myself to change the world. This revelation CHANGED MY LIFE.
So years ago I made a promise to myself that I would help as many people as I could, know their worth, know their power & know that no matter what the world says YOU ARE MAGIC. Just as you are.
One of my most recent breakthroughs has also been around the POWER of true sisterhood. In the POWER of women coming together with collaboration rather than competition in mind. so I wanted to bring together as many women as possible to step into their power so we can heal the world together, with grace, strength and with fierce feminine power.
SO.... you are a, caring, heart centred, woman who wants to make an impact on the world & are ready to step into your Power more than ever before. Id love for you to join me for a FREE webinar where I will teach you exactly how to face your fears, step into your power & have a greater impact than you ever could have imagined.... JUST by being YOU.
Click this link to register for FREE & Ill see you soon

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YESSSSS!!! I did it!!!! I took the leap & can FINALLY announce that I am launching Unlock Your Power LIVE.

First stop? TORONTO! Home sweet Home! This has been a dream of mind FOREVER, I can hardly believe it's finally becoming a reality! I'd LOVE for you to join me LIVE for a one day workshop Sept 24, 10am - 5pm! Ill be bringing my TOTAL "A" game...If my work has ever resonated with you before, buckle up, cause it's about to get REAL!

You have nothing to lose but your limiting beliefs! :D

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Maybe Your Greatness Is Disguised As A "Great Mess"

Sometimes things need to go wrong, so they can go right,

Sometimes our greatest obstacles will become our greatest opportunities,

Sometimes our gratest enemies can be our greatest teachers,

Sometimes instead of first seeing our greatness all we can see is a great mess.

Sometimes our greatest power can be disguised as our greatest pain,

Sometimes life in its ultimate wisdom, gifts us what we need instead of what we think we want.

Our job is not to judge but allow things to be as they are so they can reveal in time the greatness that lies ahead.

I know how it is believe me, but there has been no time where I have been brought to my knees

Where I haven't risen with grace in faith

Be gentle on yourself,
Life will have its ups and downs
So just do your best & learn to ride the wave,

Allow things I get messy,
Allow things to feel wrong,
Allow the nature of your Self to unfold in its own divine time.

I love you 💕 & Im routing for you to win the game of life. xoxo

#PainToPower   #Greatness   #Empowerment  

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There's No Shame In Pain... Period. Until we acknowledge & release the darkness we cannot be a full expression of our light!

I keep getting told by well meaning people that I should change the name of my "Pain To Power" program to something that sells success more....That I should focus LESS on the Pain ( in fact not mention it ) & more on the result... & I get it, people want to be sold on what they want... BUT here's the thing, that's why I created the program in the first place, because too many of us are wandering around feeling, shame, guilt, unworthiness and sadness. Too many of us are ashamed of our "Pain" so much so that we dont take an honest look at it. We ignore it so much that we don't recognize that it's often a part of the human experience & that we arent alone in feeling it. WE CANNOT change what we DO NOT acknowledge, it's that simple. So if you are called to the light, dont be surprised if you are called to acknowledge your darkness first. There is no shame in pain & once acknowleged we can then call forth the Power to heal it. All of the incredible things you want will come, once you clear away that which is stopping you from having it... Let's face it, no one wants to be the person that receives all of the wealth in the world but still feels empty. So let us embrace all of who we are, so that we can be who we were born to be heart emoticon

So Pain To Power™ is my name & im stickin to it! wink emoticon XO

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