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Hey there G+ universe. I haven't played here for a while, but I'm still moderating the Technical SEO Community. If you're wondering the best place to harass me these days -


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So! Much! Stuff! with this story. <3 #CocksNotGlocks  

Our discomfort with talking about sex (especially from a women's perspective and especially especially around sex toys/aides) run deep. But I really like juxtaposing our discomfort with a harmless sex toy with our fervent expectation to have the right to carry around guns. 

Thing invented to bring individual pleasure vs. thing invented to kill or maim others. Which one is scarier to you?

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Working (drinking?) lunch!
TC Power Lunch

+Ashley Berman Hale​ and I are working on cool things. :-)

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In the past week I reached out to help rally support to honor a beautiful baby and her moms, my friends, during an unimaginable struggle. Tavi Louise fought so hard but peacefully passed away early this morning. 

Thank you to all of you who took the time to read about their journey, to send them love and thoughts and who helped to raise money to offset the costs they've incurred. It means so much!

This one tiny beautiful little creature moved so many hearts. Hug your people close tonight. <3

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I'm reaching out one more time for a favor. Today is my birthday (!!!) and I was hoping to ask all of you to help me rally around something means a lot to me.

Can you take a few min to read about my friend Vickie, her wife Melanie and their beautiful daughter Tavi Louise? If their story moves you please consider keeping them in your thoughts, sending a message of hope their way or consider donating a few dollars to a campaign their friend started here: Please feel free to share the campaign link too!

Tavi was born very early and isn't doing well. Hopefully by raising a bit of money we can allow Vickie and Melanie the time they need to spend these precious days with their daughter and to maybe make a small dent in the mounting medical bills they will likely face. In such heartbreaking and challenging times, any help would mean the world. ‪#‎TeamTAVI‬

<3 <3 <3

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Hello all you beautiful people. I'm reaching out for help. 

A month ago my dear friend Vickie​ (who is one of the happiest and warmest people I have ever met) and her wife Melanie welcome their little girl into this world. She was early. Too early. Tavi was born at just 25 weeks gestation - she is known as a "micro-preemie". Her gestation fell into this gray area between non-viable and an age where all hospitals would give her a fighting chance. It  has been so scary for her moms and heart wrenching for all of us following her story. 

Tavi has been a fighter from day 1 - she's worked through milestones, opened her beautiful eyes and has even gained weight. Things were looking up. But two days ago my friends received the news that though Tavi looks perfect and seemed to be gaining strength, she's been having seizures 75-100 times a day that aren't responding to medication and are damaging her little brain. They are seeking second opinions and having the hardest conversations any of us, I can imagine, will ever have. 

Their friend started a GoFundMe to raise a small amount of money so that we can do whatever we can to allow them to just focus on Tavi and each other for a while. If you have any spare change, please consider sending it their way. Or if you can't give, please share the word. XOXO <3

"And though she be but little, she is fierce." ~Shakespeare

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More cold-calling, false assertions and selling products that are directly against Google's Webmaster Guidelines while claiming "it also skyrockets your website's SEO rankings". BOO!

Dang it, folks. If you're ambitious and ready to create a profitable business - why not do it right? Why not create a service that adds long term value and doesn't put your clients at risk and make you look foolish? It's a total bummer and it doesn't need to be this way. 

Personal warning to beware of cold calls from

Other references: (RoR). 

I'll stay out of the personal stuff and arrest records and even past businesses... but +Jerrod Robker - consider doing the right thing with this business. 

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With all the uproarious posts about mobile friendliness going 'round I thought I'd chime in to fight against unnecessary drama and not-cool-marketing. 

See, big changes tend to bring out bad behavior from certain companies who wish to capitalize off of people's fear and lack of understanding. Today someone shared with me a good example of naughty behavior. I'm looking at you +GTxcel

+ No, Google won't remove your website from search if you're not mobile friendly this month. Your email to who knows how many people was a flat out lie. This is not "marketing". 
+ From GTxcel's blog "there is a strong possibility you will be penalized in desktop results as well." >> this is false. The update affects mobile queries and isn't a penalty at all; it's just bubbling up sites that are more likely to have a better user-experience. 
+ When working to become mobile friendly, you have three options: responsive, dynamic serving or separate URLs. Not just responsive.

Second: It is a big shift that's coming - but not one that requires this kind of behavior. There are great opportunities for everyone out there to do better and create good experiences for users regardless of device. So be cool. Market nicely. 
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