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    Primary illustrator.
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Ash, the scribbler
Illustrator (scribblegraph) & photographer
· scribblegraph · (complete BIO)
Looking for scribbles? I share them at the +scribblegraph page. I hope you enjoy the illustrations there; please follow the page for updates & to see the new scribbles, or check the website.

If you would like to request a scribblegraph (or a scribblecrush illustration) please contact me via the scribblegraph website.

· me! ·
Other than scribbling, I play guitar, write music, and post stuff at I listen to a lot of different music, read a lot of different genres, and watch virtually no television (but I do currently have  an addiction to: Archer, The Newsroom & Game of Thrones.)

I'm an avid reader; I love sci-fi, fantasy, fiction / contemporary fiction. I love talking about and sharing books with other readers. Amongst my favourite authors are: Neal Stephenson, Robin Hobb, John Connolly, Richard Bach, J.R.R. Tolkien, Dave Duncan, David Mitchell, Helen Garner, Peter Benchley, Philip Pullman...

I'm Australian, I love my food and a good scotch.
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Perth, Australia
Sydney, Australia - Darwin, Australia
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These are a wonderful gift for... Anyone:)
Drawing drawing drawing... My commissions so far :) Thanks to all the people who donated :) [for the ones who missed my previous post, I'm open to commissions to raise money for my medical expenses].
For any requests, these are the prices:

- €10 A quick Post-it mini drawing;
- €20 for a quick pen sketch (I can send you the original drawing, if you want - if you pay S&H);
- €50 for a more detailed black/white drawing (same as before);
- €85 for a pencil/marker drawing (original sent if you want...blah blah blah)

You can pay directly on my Paypal account: specifying what kind of drawing you'd like, and linking your g+ page (and pictures).
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azua Rp Dm los sallayines

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A sad day:( One of the world's funniest men. I grew up watching The Young Ones, and nearly everything else he touched.

Farewell, Captain FlashHeart.

#RikMayall #RIP
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I loved bottom as a kid!
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4 Days in Singapore (day 1)
This was going to be my #fivedayquest but 'Scoot Air' got us into Singapore five hours late... Pretty impressive for a 6hr flight, really! We got into the hotel at 5am to the only room left in the building... Two single beds on a smoking floor. They couldn't explain what happened to our booking for a double non smoking, but there was no point arguing. Actually, I had no idea you could still smoke indoors in Singapore... I think everyone must come here to smoke. We crashed out for a couple of hours, then spent the day walking the city.

Other than the airline & Grand Smoke Hotel, we're loving it here! Lots of photos of course, but this is my winner: Flea interacting with installation art. We loved the walk around Fort Canning. It is such a lovely, friendly, clean & green city. And so far, no rain! Loving the heat & humidity:) Now, off to discover some local cuisine for dinner at Clarke Quay!

#cymera #Singapore #ClarkeQuay +Google Singapore
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Ha...I have one of Ash, he decided to take the casual approach. 
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Wordpress CMS page load issue #Help
These two images are results from showing the cause of horrendous page load / speed issues I'm currently having on the site. ANY help would be wonderful; i'm at the limit of my knowledge.

» The admin.ajax.php issue (image 2) I have traced to what is known as a "heartbeat" - the CMS sending a little message to itself to stay in touch with who is logged in, editing things and generally tinkering. I have turned that off entirely as described here: - and I have seen no improvement.

» The custom-css issue (image 1) ··· I'm completely stumped.

» WooCommerce - many threads report this as being an issue following a recent update; all say the simplest fix is to turn off the system generated email sent when there is a customer order. I get maybe one order a month through the site, so i doubt it's that, but i've turned it of anyway. No noticeable improvement:)

If you know a Wordpress guru, drag them in here would you?

#Wordpress  +WordPress  #websitedesign   #CMS  
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I notice you aren't using any sort of compression on your site. No gzip compression enabled. There are plugins and htaccess tips to enable it but should give you performance increase.

I don't remember enabling it on my Wordpress sites suggesting ZEND on my server that I installed long ago is doing it on my behalf.
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Perth - do you recognise these people? Share to your Perth circles.
Self explanatory. Stupid people make like pretty easy.

in·fa·my » ˈinfəmē/ (noun)
1 · the state of being well known for some bad quality or deed.
"a day that will live in infamy is the day I used the iPad I stole to take selfies"

2 · an evil or wicked act.
"one of history's greatest infamies"

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They deserve a harsh unforgetable treat.
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If you want to find a delightful High Tea in Perth, here's a place you can try. Just don't use the loo! The best thing about the day is the lovely photos of Flea I managed to get :)

+Yoon-Mi Kim  #photography   #hightea   #Australia  
High Tea and Pirates - One of the little things Flea has been missing since she moved to Australia is a good "high tea".
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Da'wwww that is so the right response!!
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Have him in circles
718,787 people
Another brave little droid earmarked for a cold, desolate end of days after bravely venturing where no man may go. RIP little buddy. Enjoy your last months.
"...the main probe may end its days by being dropped on to the surface of 67P, in much the same way as the Near-Shoemaker spacecraft was intentionally ditched on Asteroid 433 Eros in 2001."

#spacesucks #space
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One word. VGER.
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Singapore Day 2 the breath-taking Gardens by the Bay - definitely not to be missed. This slow moving snail train in the Cloud Forest caught my eye. A truly gorgeous day; I'm loving the weather. We got caught in a storm on the way back which cooled things down nicely. Tomorrow: shopping day! +Yoon-Mi Kim

> #Singapore +Google Singapore #AshFleadoSingapore
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Very nice
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A share especially for +Yoon-Mi Kim who is sitting at the international airport with me, sharing my beer, and trying not to fall asleep.

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Gosto do leãozinho!
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Ashlan Nathens

Shared publicly  - 
Hey! Happy Birthday +Lacerant Plainer !!! have a wonderful day my friend :)

Birthday Boy & the Reluctant Rover

A very happy birthday to +Lacerant Plainer - from a secret admirer... and me!

» I received an email this week about Dr. Lacerant; a wonderful, gnarly old scientist who celebrates his birthday today. I’m told that many moons ago he had a dog, a dog he sent it up into space in a rocket made entirely out discarded tin cans. The rather ingenious (if haphazard) nature of his design meant that the pup actually made it to Mars (which it may well have colonised – Curiosity will reveal all in time) before the good Dr. Lacerant realised he had no way to extract information back from his venture. A few of Rover‘s brief barks, excited yips and mournful yowls were all he could decipher over the short wave.

It’s a wonder with this kind of willful carelessness and lack of forethought that dear old Dr. Lacerant has made it to this day in one piece; yet here he is, on the dark side of yet another annual milestone. I am but one among many lucky enough to call him a friend, and from all of us:

Happy Birthday, Lacerant!

#birthday   #scribblegraph  
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+Lacerant Plainer Wasn't what I originally meant, but I can go with the flow :p
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I don't think I have a more hardcore fan than +Jessica Marie - check this out!

#tattoo   #scribblegraph  
I have a few lovely, very supportive fans who have been around forever - but +Jessica Marie has seriously gone next level. Check out her tattoo of this very early #scribblecrush  request (inlcudes links to the original post from way back in August 2012). The tattoo artist has done an amazing job to clean this up enough and make it look as good!

#tattoo   #scribblegraph  
An early scribblecrush request gets VERY permanent. Tattoo by Jason Keene. Canvas: Jessica Marie.
Karen Schumacher's profile photomiri dunn's profile photoNikki C's profile photo
Nikki C
The artists (original & tattooist) did fab jobs!

#scribblegraphtattoo will become a thing. 
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Pro Love Tip #117: Bacon Toothpaste. 

We've had a smashing day old chap; what with High Tea in the foot hills & much frivolity abounding. Oh, and all you chaps looking for a bit of a snog today, here's Pro Love Tip #117: Bacon Toothpaste. It gets my personal seal of approval. Lip smacking good.

(Twitter) · we're having a silly-fun evening. We'll post or tweet  photos of the High Tea a little later - Tweet us silly pics!


+matthew rappaport - you dig it the most, brah.
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Great atmosphere, good food, service is always very friendly. The alfresco area is a great place for a drink on a sunny afternoon.
Quality: ExcellentFacilities: ExcellentService: Excellent
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
Always a great feed, limited but good beers on tap. Service is always superb.
Atmosphere: Very goodDecor: Very goodService: Excellent
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
3 reviews
One of Perth's better little bars - great live music, too.
Atmosphere: Very goodDecor: Very goodService: Excellent
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago